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The final story of Hanako-kun, the land bond boy. Before Nene muttering, "If I'm strange too."


Synopsis and scenes of the twelfth mystery "Mermaid Princess", a TV anime broadcast on TBS and others from March 26, "Hijiko Shonen", have been released.

Light reunites with Mitsuba, a new mystery. However, Mitsuba does not know the light. Light that can't organize complex emotions. Nene worries about light, but Hanako-kun is jealous of Yakimochi and teases attentively. Hanako-kun, who shows a surprising look around her, Nene has no idea about her feelings.
"Maybe I wish I was a stranger ..."
, the mermaid servants appeared before Nene who muttered.

■ TV and anime "Chibaku boy Hanako-kun,"
the same name comics original teacher Iro between. Directed by Masaomi Ando, ​​series composition and script written by Yasuhiro Nakanishi, character design by Mayuka Ito, animation production by Lerche.

Hey, do you know? The story of the Seven Wonders at this school ... Rumors of the most famous seven wonders transmitted to Kamome Gakuen. On the third floor of the old school building, there is Hanako-san on the third ladies' toilet, and she will grant any wishes of the caller. Easy to call, three knocks. Then-"Hanako-san, Hanako-san, are you there?" "Hahhhhh ..." Nene Yahiro, an occult girl who called Hanako-san to fulfill her wish. However, a ghost of a boy, Hanako-kun, appeared before her. Even though it is a ghost, she is swung around by a little naughty Hanako at de S and gets involved in various ghost stories. Can Nene live a school life safely? A heart-full toilet comedy that no one has seen now begins.

Hanako-kun role Megumi Ogata, Mr. Akari Kito the Nene Yahiro officers, Chiba Sho也's source light role, the MinamotoTeru role Uchida Stallion 's, Akane Sato Minako's the Aoiyaku, seven peak cherry role Chika Anzai Mr. Mizushima plays the role of Natsuhiko Hyuga .

The original comic is on sale until Volume 12.


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