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XL boss.(XL JOSHI.) (Japanese anime)



The hero of "XL Boss." (Original title: Boss's Dick is XL size!? ~ Thick tip ... it's in ...!) Is the heroine who has taken on "the monitor of a certain thing of XL size" from lack of money. Even though there is no boyfriend ...! I realized that my favorite Katabatsu demon boss was "XL size" ...!? A very popular rare comedy that caused an "XL boom" in the teens love world. TOKYO MX will broadcast the regular version of the short animation, and the full version for adults, depicting extreme scenes, will be distributed as ComicFesta animation.

Start time:Fall 2019On-air date:October 6, 2019-November 24, 2019
Production company:Magic bathGenre:Love rice / Women

Voice actor: [Regular Edition] Haruki Ishitani, Shiori Izawa, Fumiyasu Shiotani
[Complete Edition] Masato Kawamura, ABC Haruno, Sen Yane

staff: Director: Mitsutaka Noshitoya, Screenplay: Kazuhiro Toda, Character Deza ... View all

Saki, who introduced her friend and became a monitor for something in XL. Even though there is no boyfriend absolutely ...! On the night I drunk the sake, I could see a lot of things by Mr. Demon Boss and Mr. Sudo who sent me home! C, it's different! ! ! When I talked about the situation, he revealed what Sudo-san had hidden: the dog monkey's boss and the XL monitor ... And he won all kinds ... it's a lie! ?

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