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"Singing Yesterday" theme song & animation opening scene


A long trailer movie of the TV animation "Singing on Yesterday", which will be broadcast on the new midnight anime frame "NUMAnimation" on TV Asahi from April 4, has been released.

It is a video that combines the opening scene of the first episode of the animation and the digest video by the interaction of the four main casts ( Chihiro Kobayashi, Yume Miyamoto, Kana Hanazawa , Natsuki Hanae ), and the theme song by Youness You can hear a little bird in the basket.

■ The TV anime "singing the Yesterday"
the same name comics original of Fuyumekei teacher. The director is Yoshiyuki Fujiwara, the script is Hitoshi Tanaka, the character design is Junichiro Taniguchi, the sound director is Masaki Tsuchiya, and the animation production is the video studio.

Uozumi works at a convenience store after graduating from college. One day in front of him, a girl with a crow appeared, Haru ... Work, love, the future, the past ... what should I do? A gem youth story weaved by four men and women as adults.

Ryosei Uozumi plays Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Haruka Nonaka plays Yume Miyamoto, Kanako Hanazawa plays Moriko Nomeko , Natsuki Hanae plays Nami Hayakawa , Tatsuo Suzuki plays Kinoshita , and Maaya Sakamoto plays Kyoko Sayama . Takanori Fukuda plays Takuatsu Terashima , Aya Suzaki plays the role of Kozue Fukuda , Kaori Nazuka plays the role of Morita, Satoshi Horie plays the role of Katsumi Takishita , Tomoki Ono plays the role of Minato , Eri Kitamura plays the role of Yukahara and Kansuke. Is played by Ryoko Maekawa.

The original comic is on sale in 11 volumes.


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