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"I want to cry, I wear a cat"


Transform into a cat of the feature animation movie "I want to cry I wear a cat" by Studio Coloride to be released on June 5 and super close to a favorite person! A scene photograph full of refreshing youth has been lifted for the first time.

The reason why you can't get rid of muge, even if you don't get any attention from him, is because he has a "mysterious mask that can be transformed into a cat" from a cat shop owner. He turned himself into a cat every day with his face and went to Hinode's house! From the mug just before it transforms into a cat with an acrobatic movement with your mask in hand, to the appearance of being a cat and being held up by your favorite Hinoide, and to the scene full of youth feeling that you spend lunch break on the rooftop with your classmates, the story to the story There are a number of cuts that have high expectations.

I found a magic to meet you-

Bohemian, a strange second-year junior high school student, Miyo Sasaki. Called by classmates under the nickname "Muge (Infinite Mystery Human)," he is always bright and full of energy at school and at home. He keeps boldly attacking his classmate, Kento Hinoide, who is passionate about Muge. There is a secret secret to her who keeps appealing without telling anyone.

The only way to be close to your favorite Hinode is to be a cat and see him.

In the case of "humans", they are kept away from each other, but in the case of "cats", they are close to Hinode. The longer you spend as a cat, the more vague the border between your cat and yourself becomes.

I want to stay with him forever. However, I will not be able to return to "I"

-a youth fantasy that finds me through the world of "cats".

Muget / Miyo Sasaki, Cat / Taro will play the role of Mira Shida, Kento Hinode will play Natsuki Hanae , Koichi Yamadera will play the role of cat store , and Hiroaki Ogi will play the role of Mr. Kusugi.


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