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Speaking of teacher characters appearing in anime? “Gintama” Shoyo-sensei, “SLAM DUNK” The top that suppressed Anzai-sensei…


March 24 is Teacher's Day.

It is an anniversary established from the graduation ceremony held at many schools on March 24. I think there are some readers who have received important teachings and have been very helpful.

[Photo] Speaking of teacher characters appearing in anime?

There are also many teacher characters who lead characters to the right path in anime that sees more images of top ranking works . There are various ways of drawing, such as studying and teaching martial arts, and giving the skills of one-children.

So anime! Anime! Then, we conducted a reader questionnaire entitled, " What is the character of an teacher who appears in anime? " Responses were received from 151 people during the survey period from March 11 to March 18.
The ratio of men and women is about 30% for men and about 70% for women. As for the age group, about 50% were younger than 19 years old and about 30% were in their 20s, mainly young people.

■ Strong and reliable teachers!
The first place is the killing teacher of "Assassination Classroom". The approval rating was about 20 percent.

A mysterious creature, killing sensei, who was assigned to the class E of Nuginugaoka Junior High School. According to readers, `` Because the students of Group E who had fallen have gained self-confidence and were able to proceed on their own way, '' and `` The teacher who took care of the students to the last minute and guided them correctly If you look at the future of the students, you can tell how well they have grown up. "
"The relationship between the target and the assassin, the teacher and the student is good," said the mysterious relationship between the teacher and the target of the assassination.

The second place is " GintamaShoyo Yoshida. The approval rating was about 12 percent.

Hero and Sakata Gintoki is in a master of Shoyou Yoshida "ringleader made the important part of protecting believe all costs a fellow of Gin-san. You in the midst of his students of the breast even now" and with "discretion Gintoki was a lonely parent from time to time, because he was a teacher who greatly influenced the thoughts and ways of life of Gintoki, Katsura and Takasugi. "

Third place is Mitsuyoshi Anzai of "SLAM DUNK", Umi 's dolphin of "NARUTO ", Koji Rinaki of " Devil Blade ", and "My youth romantic comedy is wrong." Of Shizuka Hiratsuka. The approval rating was about 5 percent.

To Anzai-sensei, "I can only think of him as a teacher.
Umi's dolphin says, "Because he is like a big brother who acknowledged Naruto."

Sakinori Rinaki falls and says, "Strict but loving nurturer ...! The tears did not stop in the scene of embracing the charcoal Jiro who came back from the final selection with Neko."
Shizumi Hiratsuka has received a voice saying, "It's really cool!

■ Introducing other comments
"All Heroes of My Hero Academia" says, "A hero whom everyone longs for, the best teacher. ! "
"Goku has a lot of teachers, such as Karin and KAIO, but Kame-Hamenami learned from Kame-Sennin is Goku's special technique."

"K-ON! Sawako Yamanaka said, "It was like a masturbation character, and she really watched the students warmly and was loved by the students. was.

In this survey, the votes were scattered, and the 10th place was a great melee with 11 characters.

■ Ranking Top 5
[Speaking of an anime character who appears in anime? ]
# 1 killing sensei "Assassination Classroom"
second place Yoshida Shoyou "Gintama"
third place Mitsuyoshi Anzai "SLAM DUNK"
third place Umino dolphin "NARUTO - Naruto -"
third place Urokotaki Sakonji "blade of Onimetsu"
third place Shizuka Hiratsuka "After all, my youth romantic comedy is wrong. "

(Answer Period: March 11 to March 18, 2020)

※ This questionnaire is part of the consciousness investigation surrounding" now of interest, attention to the anime-character "of readers of everyone. Regarding the result, there is no intention to determine the superiority of any character / work. We hope that this article will help you get to know new works and characters, and help you to deepen your understanding and interest.

■ Overall ranking
[Speaking of teacher characters appearing in anime? ]
1st place killing sensei "Assassination classroom"
2nd place Shoyo Yoshida "Gintama"
3rd place Mitsuyoshi Anzai "SLAM DUNK"
3rd place Sea dolphin "NARUTO"
3rd place Sakinaki Sakinoji "Devil blade"
3rd place Shizuka Hiratsuka "After all, my youth romantic comedy is wrong. "
7th turtle hermit" Dragon Ball "
8th All Might" my hero Academia "
8th Ittetsu Takeda" Haikyu !! "
10th Izumi Curtis" Fullmetal Alchemist "
10th King Cavalry" Kingdom "
10th Maboroshiumi "Yu Yu Hakusho"
10th Jiraiya "NARUTO"
10th place Touhou unbeaten master Asia "Mobile Fighter G Gundam"
10th place Kakashi Hatake "NARUTO"
10th place Kiyojuro Hiko " Ruruni " Kenshin]
10th Minako-sensei "Hell Teacher Nu-be"
10th place Yamanaka Sawako "K-On! "
10th Uratei Yakumo" Showa Genroku storyteller suicide "
10th load Erumeroi II world" Load Erumeroi II world of Case Files - beans collection train Grace note- "




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