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Pikachu's lightweight caddy bag is now available in the Pokemon Golf Item Series!


Mind has started accepting reservations for "Pokemon Lightweight Caddy Bags" at the Enjoy Caddy Bag Store on March 23, 2020 (Monday).

This product is a caddy bag with a playful design filled with embroidery and assorted patterns based on Pikachu color yellow. The weight is about 2.9kg, so it is easy to carry! You can concentrate on playing without worrying about the weight of the caddy bag.
The hood and pockets are made of highly durable PU fabric, and all seven pockets can be used for applications such as ball, glove, and rainwear. The slider has a full-fledged specification that not only looks “cute” but also “easy to use”, such as a design with a Pikachu tail motif.

In addition, you will receive a free Pokemon Travel Cover as a caddy bag purchase privilege!
The bright Pikachu color is perfect for the coming season ♪ Why don't you enjoy the round with Pokemon?




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