Along with numerous subculture contents, cosplay is recognized overseas as one of the most popular pop culture in Japan. Now, not only large cosplay events due to the new coronavirus, but also cosplay events regularly held on weekends have been canceled or postponed one after another. In this article, we pick up the high-level cosplayers found during the coverage of the event “Cosplay Expo in TFT”, which is regularly held at the Tokyo Fashion Town Building (TFT Building). Introduced together with "Commitment to costume production".

[Video] The bomb body without a

 bash ... KAPI dressed as Reika of Doki "GANTZ" in a bold costume of cosplay beauties , after purchasing an off-the-shelf suit, replacing all the detail parts with their own , He said, "I wanted to make the parts on the lens reflect the light when it hits, so I made it myself. The point that I tuned the size finely so that the lines of the body appeared clearly It's a comment. " This is the second time she wears it at an event, saying, "I actually wore it in a summer event before, but at that time the fever was trapped and it went down halfway .... Winter I thought it would be alright, so I pulled it out for a long time, "said the surprising backstory.

 "lovelive! Hoshina Shiro, dressed as Asaka Kabayashi at School Idol Festival ALL STARS, and Akira, dressed up as Kirie Konami from World Trigger, are in different costumes, even though they are friends. When I asked Hoshina why, she said, "I originally planned to participate alone, but this morning she (Mr. Akira) tweeted on Twitter that she had no time to schedule. I contacted him and let's go together ... and he came in a hurry. " In response to this, Mr. Akira said, "I have only this outfit that I can put on immediately. I just want to cosplay the characters I like each other. I'm enjoying myself today without worrying." A comment popped out.

 By the way, both of them seem to often prepare their own costumes, says Hoshina, "I think that it is the real pleasure of cosplay not only to wear costumes but also to spend time and effort. Of course, this fabric fits into this outfit, and I also enjoy the time of choosing the material at the store. " Regarding the costume this time, he said, "I wanted to create a luxurious atmosphere, so I was particular about the texture of the lace. I chose the material closest to the original image for each part, so I really like it." gave.

 On the other hand, Mr. Akira said he focused on wig shaping this time, saying, "I was able to reproduce the condition of the hair bounce well. Because the hair bundles were fixed with a bond, the shape collapsed even if I shot outside all day. I don't think there is. " In addition, it seems that it is the first time to play cosplay with two people for the first time in half a year, and when asked about the future event participation schedule, "It is undecided, but the next time I go out I will consult in advance and I want to" join "with the same work That's right. "

Interview / Sentence = Somtam Tai