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"Rilakkuma" Loppi limited goods appear one after another!


Loppi and Loppi recommended limited goods are now being accepted for Lawson Spring Rilakkuma Fair!

There are plenty of original goods available only here! This time, we will introduce products that could not be introduced last time ♪

* Click here for the previous loose blog!

Reservations can be made at Lawson Ministop stores nationwide at Loppi ♪
[Reservation acceptance period] -May 17 (Sun) 23:30
* For details, please check the following web page.


(1) Rilakkuma and hedgehog in a costume of apple
. All costumes are removable! Rilakkuma that can hold tightly, and a real hedgehog-sized Kiiroi bird are cute ♪

・ Lawson & Rilakkuma Fruit Roll Relax ♪ Plush Set ¥ 4,000 + tax (Loppi Product Number: 107415)

(2) Rilakkuma color 2-way SEOROU that can be used as a backpack or tote!

 The A4 size fits comfortably, and it is convenient to put small items in and out of the inside pocket and the
loose pocket. ♪ And this time, the "Pecoroo" of Kireitori comes up!
* What is "Pecorou"? A convenient pocket that can hold mini bottles, smartphones, and accessories! We can hang on bag and belt and go out together ♪


・ Rilakkuma x Luto 2WAY Theoru ¥ 6,300 + tax (Loppi product number: 234039)

・ Rilakkuma x Rootot Pecoroo ¥ 1,500 + tax (Loppi product number: 149581)

③ Rain goods that make outing on a rainy day fun ♪

 Navy rain poncho is easy to use! The Rain Hat is reversible for rain and fine weather, so you can use it in any weather. Poncho hats can be used together as a family, available in two sizes for adults and children ♪ The stand pouch is made of PVC material, so it is convenient for carrying earphones or charging cords that are troubled if wet!

・ Rain poncho (for adults) ¥ 4,000 + tax (Loppi product number: 211910)

・ Rain poncho (for children) ¥ 2,800 + tax (Loppi product number: 217729)
・ Rain hat (for adults) ¥ 1,800 + tax (Loppi product number: 219381)
・ Rain hat (for children) ¥ 1,600 + tax (Loppi product number: 219531)
・ Water-repellent stand pouch ¥ 1,500 + tax (Loppi product number: 226450)


で も In the kitchen with Rilakkuma ♪

 Since the stainless steel daily kettle is 1.0L size, you can boil hot water as much as you need. The embossed “BRUNO” on the lid accents the kitchen mat with a cute fruit pattern. It has a water-repellent effect and is easy to clean! Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can use multiple mats side by side.

・ Rilakkuma x BRUNO Stainless steel daily kettle ¥ 8,000 + tax (Loppi product number: 147962)

・ Kitchen mat ¥ 2,200 + tax (Loppi product number: 108597)

* The design may differ from the actual product. Please note.

The introduced goods are currently available for pre-order at Lawson Ministop Loppi and Loppi Recommended (WEB) nationwide.
Please confirm the details of the goods and the delivery date from the following.

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