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Yurucan SEASON2 broadcast in January 2021


It has been decided that "Yuru Camp SEASON2", the latest work in the anime "Yuru Camp II" series, will be broadcast from January 2021, and two teaser visuals have been released.

This series, based on popular comics by Afro, is set in Yamanashi Prefecture and is a high school girl who joined the outdoor activity circle (Nokuru), Nadeshiko Kakamigahara (CV: Yumiri Hanamori), and Rin Shima of solo camper ( CV: Nao Higashiyama) gently portrays outdoor life. The first season of TV animation was produced from January to March 2018, and the short animation "Heya Camp" and the live-action drama version "Yuru Camp" are currently being broadcast. Production of theatrical animation has also been decided.

Each of the two teaser visuals captures a scene of the night and the morning. In the night version, the words "Sashimi but fun" are added to the scene where the characters look at the night view from the observatory near the lake. In the morning version, the characters "run fun, lonely" beside the characters running upside down the lake where Fuji is reflected upside down "I'm surprised.

The staff will continue from the first term, director Yoshiaki Kyogoku, series composition Hitoshi Tanaka, character design and total drawing director Mutsumi Sasaki, animation production will be in charge of C-Station.




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