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"86" Shinya Chiba as Shin, Lena Ikumi Hasegawa Animation production is A-1 Pictures


The announcement video of "86-Eighty Six-", which turns Asato Asato's novel (published by KADOKAWA) into a TV animation, was released, and the main cast and main staff were revealed. The protagonist Shinei Nouzen (Shin) is played by Shoya Chiba of "Hashiko Jibun" and the heroine of Vladilena Mirise (Lena) is played by Ikemi Hasegawa, who "dies if the hero comes to Budokan".

The main staff will be Toshimasa Ishii, assistant director of Mirai Mirai, and character design will be performed by Tetsuya Kawakami of "Academic City Asterisk" and Toshiya Ohno of "Promised Neverland" will be in charge of the character design. Produced by A-1 Pictures of the "Sword Art Online" series.

This is a popular work that won the 23rd Dengeki Novel Grand Prize and was ranked first in the new category in the 2018 edition of "This light novel is amazing!" In the 86th ward, outside the San Magnolia territory, the dating and parting of a boy Shin who continues to fight as an "attended drone" and a girl Lena who directs them, branded "ATEX" .



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