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TV anime pet (Japanese anime)



The TV anime "pet" is a cartoon "Pet Remastered" by Ranjo Miyake, depicting the severe fate of boys called "pet" who have the ability to sneak into the human brain and manipulate memory. TV anime based on the edition. The director is Takahiro Omori, who has been eager for visualization for more than 10 years since he met this work. The series consists of Sadayuki Murai, who teamed up with Director Omori in Natsume's Book of Friends. The animation production will be performed by Geno Studio, which has been working on high-profile works such as the "Genocide Organ" and "Engraving".

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 6, 2020-
Production company:Geno StudioGenre:Suspense Mystery

Voice actor: Ueda Keisuke , Kisho Taniyama , Yuki Ono , Yasuyuki Kase , Shunsuke Sakuya , M · A · O , Koji Yusa , Nobuo Tobita

staff: Director: Takahiro Omori, Series Composition: Sadayuki Murai, Character ... View All

Some had the ability to sneak into human brains and manipulate memory. Their power has been used in the underworld, such as in massaging and assassination of incidents. Its power to destroy human spirit, at the same time, eroded their own hearts. They kept their fragile and perilous hearts, tying each other with chains. They were called pets for fear and disdain.

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