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"Yurucan" SEASON2 will be broadcast from January 2021!


It has been announced that the TV animation "Yurucan SEASON2" will start broadcasting from January 2021. In addition, two teaser visuals have been released.

The popular TV anime "Yurucamp", which was broadcast from January to March 2018. Set in Yamanashi Prefecture, this popular work gently depicts high school girls enjoying their outdoor life, such as camping and outdoor cooking. The short animation “Heya Campaign” has been on air since January 2020.

⇒Blu-ray & DVD of short animation "Heya Can" from "Yuru Camp" will be released on May 27!

It has been announced that the second stage of TV anime, "Yurucan SEASON2", will begin broadcasting in January 2021. In addition, two teaser visuals have been released.

The visuals released show "Night" overlooking the night view from an observatory near the lake, and "Morning" running upside the lake where the upside down Fuji is reflected.

▲ “Night”
is fun but fun.

▲ “Morning” is
fun but lonely.

[Event information]
■ "loose scan △" Special Events (tentative)
Date: November 29, 2020 (Sun)
Venue: BELLESALLE Takadanobaba
Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Okubo 3-8-2 Sumitomo Real Estate Shinjuku Garden Tower
Cast : Yumiri Hanamori (Nadeshiko Kakamigahara), Nao Higashiyama (Rin Shima), Sasato Hara (Chiaki Ogaki), Aki Toyosaki (Aoi Inuyama), Riyori Takahashi (Ena Saito)
* Performers without notice Subject to change. Please note.
* Additional information such as the ticket sales schedule will be announced on the official website as soon as it is decided.


[Product Information]
■ Short animation “

Heya Can △” Blu-ray & DVD Price: Blu-ray 9,800 yen (tax not included), DVD 8,800 yen (tax not included)
Release Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Content: main (episode 1 - episode 12), new animation, special video images
first production benefits:
 event ticket priority sale offer tickets
every time benefits:
 original Oh f filtrate drawn by a three-way back case
 character design Mutsumi Sasaki drawn by a special jacket
 picture label
 New Animation (SPECIAL EPISODE Sauna, rice and three-wheeled bike)
 Bonus video (Special information PV & CM collection, "Yurucan Music Concert 2019" event digest video)
 * Please check here for store purchase benefits .
Release / Sales: Flue Corporation


[Work information]
■ TV animation "Yurucan SEASON2"

Broadcasting started in January 2021

Original work: Afro (published in Houbunsha "COMIC FUZ")
Director: Yoshiaki Kyogoku
Series composition: Hitoshi Tanaka
Character design and total drawing director: Mutsumi Sasaki
Music: Akiyo Tateyama
Production production: DeNA Content Planning Department
Animation production: C -Station
Production: Outdoor Activities Committee

Nadeshiko Kakamigahara: Yumiri Hanamori
Rin Shima: Nao Higashiyama:
Chiaki Ogaki: Sayuri Hara
Inuyama Aoi: Aki Toyosaki
Ena Saito: Narration by Takahashi Rii
Narration: Akio Otsuka and others

[Original comic information]
■ Manga Time Kirara Comics / “Yurucan △”
latest volume 10 is now on sale!



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