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[Cosplay] Pay attention to the new generation layer of Taiwan


Dream Yuria "Idol Master Cinderella Girls"
  • Dream Yuria "Idol Master Cinderella Girls"
  • Hanako Honda "Play Asoba"
  • Drinking Doji "Fate / Grand Order"
  • Sake Drinking Doji (Maid ver.) "Fate / Grand Order"
  • Serenity Hasan "Fate / Grand Order"
  • Abigail Williams "Fate / Grand Order"
  • Altera "Fate / Grand Order"
  • Scathach "Fate / Grand Order"
There are Taiwanese cosplayers that are soaring in popularity in Japan.
Rinka Okita, who lives in Taipei, Taiwan, has over 30,000 followers on Twitter in Japan and also participates in the Japanese comic market and photo session. Her interview, which is attracting attention as a new generation in Taiwan, will be sent along with the photo report.

Astorfo "Fate / Grand Order"

Astorfo "Fate / Grand Order" [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]

--How did you start cosplaying? What kind of cosplay activities do you usually do?

Rinka Okita : I have always loved anime and games since I was a child, and I started seeing my friends doing cosplay in junior high school. It's been eight years now. I usually participate in cosplay in Taiwan's romantic exhibitions (anime, games, doujin events in general).

――What kind of anime and games do you like?

Rinka Okita : There are too many animes to choose from. I like Otome games in general!

Kama `` Fate / Grand Order ''

Kama "Fate / Grand Order" [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]

――What do you think of the characteristics of your cosplay expression?

Rinka Okita : I'm good at glossy movements, and after that I'm making facial expressions that are cute and emotionless.

――How did you become known to many people?

Rinka Okita : In Taiwan, I often participated in doujinshi spot sales clubs. Therefore, as I distributed the cosplay photo book, the number of people who supported me increased every time, and the number of people who saw me by constantly posting photos on Facebook and Instagram increased. I'm very happy because I think it's such an accumulation.

Maid Alter "Fate / Grand Order"

Maid Alter “Fate / Grand Order” [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]

――Please tell me your memories of the cosplay that remain impressive.

Rinka Okita : The most difficult to shoot is "Fate / Grand Order". When I went down the mountain, the sun went down, and I couldn't see anything. I was almost in distress.

――How many times have you ever been to Japan?

Rinka Okita : Seven times in total. However, only the summer of 2018 participated in the comic market.

Sakura Matou "Fate / stay night"

Sakura Matou “Fate / stay night” [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]

――What are the factors that have kept you cosplaying?

Rinka Okita : I love anime and games the most. Of course, not only that, but the voice of someone who likes my cosplay photo is pushing my back.

――What is your favorite shooting style when shooting?

Rinka Okita : I think composition and color are the most important. But the most important thing is to share the image with the photographer!

Dream Yuria "Idol Master Cinderella Girls"

Dream Yuria "Idol Master Cinderella Girls" [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]

――What do you care about in cosplay?

Rinka Okita : I didn't know anything when I started cosplaying, but I've been working hard to improve my makeup and wig cut little by little. From there, I try to approach the essence, thinking about how I approach the character. I do not forget that attitude.

――Please tell us your future goals.

Rinka Okita: To participate in a circle at the comic market. I want to distribute a cosplay photo book! I want more Japanese people to know and interact with cosplayers. And I want to improve the quality of cosplay.



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