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`` SAO Alicization WoU '' latest PV


The latest promotion video of the final chapter (2nd cool) of "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld" which starts broadcasting from April 25 has been released. Gabriel sent a large number of dark knights (U.S. players) to battle the Asunas with a super account bearing the name of the three goddesses, the battle of ALO players such as Risbet, and the heroine In response to their calls, the main character Kirito finally wakes up.

In the video, the sound source of the opening theme song "ANIMA" sung by ReoNa is also released for the first time. In addition, Ei Aoi has decided to sing the ending theme song "I will ..." for 2nd Cool and "Iris" for 1st Cool. Aoi, who rejoices in the future, said, "This new song," I will ... "is a ballad that evolves spectacularly, with the theme of being close to the hearts of important people and walking together. I hope this "I will ..." will be close to your heart with "SAO". "

This is the latest animated version of the popular novel "Sword Art Online" series by Reki Kawahara. A total of four, including the "Sword Art Online Alicization" broadcast from October 2018 to March 2019 (two consecutive cools) and the 1st cool "Alicization War of Underworld" broadcast from October to December 2007 This is the final chapter of the large feature "Alicization", which is drawn cool. A special program will be broadcast on April 11 before the broadcast of the 2nd cool, and a summary of the 1st cool will be broadcast on 18th.



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