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Back Arrow


Director Goro Taniguchi, who worked on the `` Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion '' series, etc., and the original TV animation `` Back Arrow '', in which the scriptwriters Kazuki Nakajima of `` Tengen Breakthrough Gurren Lagann '' and `` Promare '' will be broadcast in 2021 It was decided, additional staff & cast, new visuals, the first PV was announced.

The story is set in the world of Lingalind, which is surrounded by walls and the wall is a god. A mysterious man, Buck Arrow, who knows only that he came from outside the wall while losing his memory, was caught up in a "fight over himself" as he headed out of the wall to regain his memory Draw a figure.

In addition to the previously announced Hiroshi Kaji as Back Arrow, the cast is Aya Suzaki as Atari Ariel, a female sheriff in the outlying area of ​​Lingalind, Aya Ozawa as Elisa Lean, the granddaughter of the village mayor, and Ari Ozawa. Ken Noriaki Ono plays the role of Bit Namita, the best player in the village, Ryutaro Aki plays the role of invincible general Kai Loudan of the Rekka Empire, Tomokazu Sugita plays Shu Bi, Secretary of the Tenmeimiya Shu of the Rekka Empire, and military personnel of the Reka Kaigoku Empire Ban Megumi plays the role of Ren Shin.

The staff includes director Taniguchi, Nakajima Shinobu for the character draft, character design and total drawing director Toshiyuki Kanno, character design and total drawing director Kohei Tanaka, and studio production for animation production. The first PV contains the reactions of the people of Edgia Village to the "mysterious man who came from outside the wall", and how Buck Arrow enthusiastically started his adventure. The new visual is arranged with four characters running.




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