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I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing to defense.(Itainowa kirainanode bougyoryokuni gokuburi shitaito omoimasu) (Japanese anime)


Itai no wa kirai nanode bougyo ryoku ni goku buri shitai to omoi masu

Yumitsukan's light novel "I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing it to the defensive power" is a popular novel that has a total of over 80 million PVs on the novel posting site "Become a novelist". The book was published at Kadokawa BOOKS, and it was also comicalized, and the total number of the series exceeded 400,000. Set in the virtual world of the game "NewWorld Online", a beginner player Maple who has defensive status has a great adventure with the strongest skills in his hands. As a result of extreme swing, Maple, who has all his status points defensive, gets the skill [absolute defense]. The ultimate novice of the Las Boss class who negates all attacks and traverses obstacles with lethal poison skills is drawn to have fun adventures with friends. The animation director is Shin Onuma and Miku Minato, the series composition is Fumihiko Shimo, the character design and total drawing director is Kazuya Hirata, and the animation production is SILVER LINK.

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 8, 2020-
Production company:SILVER LINK.Genre:Fantasy

Voice actor: Kaede Hondo , Ruriko Noguchi, Satomi Arai

staff: Director: Shin Onuma / Mirai Minato, Series composition: Fumihiko Shimo, Ki ... View all

A girl maple whose status point is dedicated to VIT only. The result is that even strong players can counteract physical, magical attacks, and status anomalies.

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