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"Uma Musume Pretty Derby"


New information on the media mix content "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" has been released on the special program "Uma Musume Pretty Derby Spring Stakes in Cygames Animation" distributed on Sunday, March 22, 2020.

"Uma Musume Pretty Derby" is a media mix content by Cygames. The smartphone application service is scheduled to start in 2018, and in April a TV animation by Cygames × TOHO animation × Lantis and a production studio PAWORKS team was broadcast.

This time, it was announced that the 4-frame cartoon `` Umayon '' serialized in the comic service for smartphones and PCs `` Psycomi '', which was announced as an animation in December 2018, will start broadcasting in July 2020 Was done. In addition, the key visual of the anime "Umayon" and the first PV have been released. It is unfolded in the whole story, which is different from the manga.

▲ Animation "Umayon" key visual

In the anime "Umayon", the ED theme song is scheduled to change every month. The first ED theme has been decided to be "Pop-it ♪ Hareya" sung by five horse girls.

In addition, it was announced at the weekly Young Jump (Shueisha) that the serialization of a new comicalized work "Cinderella Gray" was decided. A new story of a horse girl is developed with Oguri Cap as the main character. The series is scheduled to begin around summer 2020.

And it was announced that it was decided to hold a solo event for the first time in about a year. Talks and live performances by the “Uma Musume” cast are scheduled.
Details will be announced later on the official website of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" and on Twitter.


[Anime "Umayon" 1st PV]


[Work information]

■ Animation "Umayon"
・ Original: Cygames
・ Manga: Drawing: Kuma Jet Screenplay: Hitoshi Ito (serialization of serials)
・ Production: DMM.futureworks /

Dubtoon Studio ■ First ED theme: “Pyoitto ♪ Hallelujah! "
 Lyrics: corochi
 composition, arrangement: Tetsuya Uchida (Cygames)
 song: special week (CV: Kazu氣AS not), Seiunsukai (CV: Kito Akari), King Halo (CV: Iori Saeki), El Condor passer ( CV: Minami Takahashi), Glass Wonder (CV: Rena Maeda)

[Book Information]
■ New comicalization "Cinderella Gray"

Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha) has decided to serialize their new comicalized work "Cinderella Gray"
New story of horse girl develops with Oguri Cap as a hero. The series will start around summer 2020.

Manga: Kusumi Taiyo
serialization: Summer 2020


[Event Information]
<Single event held! > It
has been decided that an independent event will be held for the first time in about one year. Talk and live by "Uma Musume" cast.
Details will be announced later on the “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” official website and official Twitter.




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