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"BLEACH" 20th anniversary project started!


The manga "BLEACH" serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) since 2001 celebrates its 20th anniversary in August 2021. To celebrate this, it was announced on March 21 that the "BLEACH" 20th anniversary project had started.

At the start of the series, a series of new work `` BURN THE WITCH '' started by Taito Kubo, author of `` BLEACH '', release of `` BURN THE WITCH '' theater second animation, `` BLEACH '' original picture exhibition, and `` BLEACH '' The animation of the final chapter "Million Year Blood Battle" has been announced.

Comments arrive with hand-drawn illustrations!

The original author Kubo has commented on the "BLEACH" 20th anniversary project, so let me introduce it below (original mom).

■ Comment from Kubo

I guess it's been announced that they are all together, and everyone has forgotten about half of them. I've forgotten about half of it and am now rewriting this comment. Well, the last chapter of "BLEACH" wasn't good because I didn't go to the last chapter while doing anime. It was like that, but I came here and animated. I heard that "BLEACH" is the 20th anniversary. Thank you. Moreover, he seems to be able to do even the "BLEACH" exhibition. Thanks for the 20th anniversary. The sentence up to this point seems to be someone else's affair, because we have only decided on a large scale, "I will do it on a large scale!", But I want to cooperate as much as possible and make it good. That's right, I chose some casts of the Knights of the Star Cross. It was fun.

New series "BURN THE WITCH" series started!

Also, from the summer of 2020, a series of the new work “BURN THE WITCH” will start with “Weekly Shonen Jump”. This work is a complete work that was published as the 50th anniversary commemorative work of the Weekly Shonen Jump 2018 No. 33 issue. A new episode with this complete reading the previous day will be a new series starting this time.



In the fall of 2020, the second part of the movie will be released. Asano Tano will play the role of "Ninny Sequin" and Yuina Yamada will play the role of "Naru Shimbashi", and Tatsuro Kawano will be the director.



Kubo-san's comment on this work has also arrived, so let me introduce it below.

■ Comment from Kubo

Continuation of `` BURN THE WITCH '', I thought that I really did not intend to draw, or I thought that I would draw it for my hobby and let my family read it, but I was put on a good thing and put it on the jump Was. It was my first experience to draw a manuscript while giving a name and making it animated, and I think that both were good things. The manuscript is over, so by the time you read it, I think I'm doing Dobumori. Please wait for the release while doing the forest where everyone goes. Dobu Forest is an abbreviation for Animal Crossing.


`` BLEACH '' original picture exhibition held

In 2021, the original "BLEACH" exhibition will also be held. At this original painting exhibition, which will be the first work, color illustrations and raw manuscripts drawn during the 15 years of "BLEACH" will be exhibited. Details such as venue and duration are undecided. We will notify you as soon as we receive a follow-up report.


`` Millennium Blood War '' animation decision

In addition, the final chapter of "BLEACH", "The Millennium Blood Battle", has been decided to be animated. The Millennium Blood War Hen is a climax of this work that depicts the connection between the millennial Reaper and the Exorcist (Quincy), and the unknown roots of the hero, Ichigo Kurosaki. It is a chapter that also highlights the worldview that connects from the past to the present, and the bankai of popular characters revealed for the first time. The official Twitter has also been set up following the decision to make the Millennium Blood War Hen animated .

"BLEACH" 20th anniversary project special video release

In addition, a special video of the "BLEACH" 20th anniversary project has been released. The new series "BURN THE WITCH" begins serialization, theatrical second part animation is released, the original picture exhibition is held, and the animation of "Million Year Blood Battle" is announced.





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