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"There are no dead on the battlefield."


Anime visuals, main staff and cast information have been released from "86-Eight Six-", which has been decided to be a TV anime.

"86-Eighty Six-" is a light novel that won the grand prize at the 23rd Dengeki Novel Grand Prize. This is a work by Asato Asato (Original), Shirabi (Illustration), and I-IV (Mechanic Design), depicting boys and girls fighting as "manned drones".

For the TV animation, director Toshimasa Ishii of `` The Seven Deadly Sins '', character design of Tetsuya Kawakami of `` A Certain Magical Index '', Toshiya Ono of `` DIVE !! '' A-1 Pictures, who worked on the " Sword Art Online" series, will be responsible for animation production .

In addition, cast information was released. Shoya Chiba will play Shinei Nouzen, who will lead the boys and girls heading to the dead, and Ikemi Hasegawa will play Vladilena Mirise, who will lead them from behind via communication.


PV also released

In addition, the animation decision PV has been released. It begins with the words "" There are no dead on the battlefield "-but they certainly scattered there", and the sad worldview of the work is depicted with character illustrations.



Other details, such as the broadcast start time, are not yet determined. Check the official website for details.


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■ "86-Eighty Six-"

Original: Asato Asato, Illustration: Shirabi, Mechanic Design: I-IV

Director: Toshimasa Ishii
Character Design: Tetsuya Kawakami
Series Composition: Toshiya Ohno
Production: A-1 Pictures

Shinei Nouzen: Shoya Chiba
Vladilelena Mirise: Ikumi Hasegawa




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