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New TV anime "Deca Dance"in the summer of 2020!


It was announced that "Deca Dance", which had been decided to be animated on TV, will start broadcasting in the summer of 2020. In addition, comments arrived from Director Tachikawa and NUT producer Takuya Kadogi .

"DecaDance" is a new original TV animation created by NUT, who worked on "Saga of Young Girls" and other animations. The director is Joe Tachikawa, the script is Koji Sekoku, and the character design is Shinichi Kurita.

Along with the announcement of the start of the broadcast, comments have arrived from Joru Tachikawa and producer Takuya Kadogi (producer of "Senjo Senki").

■ Comment from Director Tachikawa Jo It is
an original TV series after a long time! I'm in the middle of my career as a director, but I'm working on a new genre with a new feeling. Even now, there are lots of cuts that you do not know how to handle (laughs) Decadance is full of attractions, such as drama and monster fighting in a large-scale world view, huge moving fortress, and so on! There are many things that I can't talk about because they are original. Please check it out until the end of the story! Please provide some support.


■ Producer's comment Takuya Kadogi Since
I was working on the TV series of "Senjo Senki," the original story was directed by Director Tachikawa and KADOKAWA's Tanaka P. I think that was the beginning of this work. It took some time to go back and forth because of the original, but with the help of various staff, I gradually built a world view. If you notice it, it will be a serious work ... why did this happen! ! It will be the first NUT original work made with reliable staff. I hope you enjoy it!


■ Teaser PV now available!
In addition, teaser PV is being released. Beginning with a scene in which giant gears rotate in the dust, it depicts a character wearing a mysterious instrument flying lightly in the air.



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■ "Deca Dance"

<Broadcast information>
2020 summer broadcasting start

Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa
Screenplay: Koji Seko
character concept design: pomodorosa
Character Design: Shinichi Kurita
Music: Tokuda ShinHiroshi
Animation Production: NUT

TV animation, theater version of "little girl "NUT" is a talented studio with a huge hit in "Senki." A completely new original TV animation created by this studio is finally moving!
In addition, the tag team in this work is `` Executor of Detective Conan Zero, the Movie Version '' and director of his original work `` Death Parade '' etc., and animation director `` Jo Tachikawa '' which is attracting attention from the world ”And a golden combination of young No.1 screenwriter“ Koji Seko ”, who is working on topical works such as“ BANANAFISH ”and“ Vinland Saga ”. The impact science fiction action giant, drawn by gorgeous staff, will now begin!




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