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"Lapis Relights" PV 1st release!


The first PV has been released on the official YouTube channel from "Lapis Relights-idols in this world can use magic-", which will be turned into a television animation within 2020.
Also, check out the official website, which also has a character page.


"Lapis Relights-Idols in this world can use magic-" (hereinafter, Lapis Relights) is a media mix project based on "Magic" x "Idol" by "KLab Games" and "KADOKAWA". In the magazine "Monthly Comic Dengeki Daio" magazine, comicalization based on Project PARALLEL original is being serialized, and in February 2019 it is announced that an RPG for smartphones will be produced jointly with "Shangshu Games" Have been. The director is Hiroyuki Hata of "Yuru Yuri-san ☆ High!", Character design and total drawing director Taro Ikegami, and animation production is in charge of Yokohama Animation Lab.



[Anime Overview]
-Release date: 2020

<Synopsis> The
stage is Maumkester, in which shine sand is used as the stage, and its crystal, pyroxene, is used as power. A girl who uses magic sand and pyroxene to activate magic with spells and melodies is called a “witch,” singing and exterminating monsters, attracting people's longing.
A school where witch apprentices founded by the witch of the dawn gather, Flora Jogakuin.
A girl, Tiara, dreaming of becoming a fine witch, hits the gate of the school.
"I would definitely like to study at this institution-eh !?"

 Tiara-Yukari Anzai
 Rosetta-Risa Kubota-
 Ravi Kusoda-Rio Mukai-
 Ashley -Rinette Saeki-Rinette Saeki-
 Mizuki Yamamoto
 Emilia role ・ Hoshino Hazuki Arfu role ・Minouchi
 Salsa role ・ Shinohara Yu
 Garnet role ・ Nakayama Yoko
・ This flower is
 Nadeshiko Otome ・ Rina
 Motoizumi as Tsubaki ・ Arisa Suzuki as
 Kaede ・ Yuzuko Ohno

・ The
 role of Sugar
 Poketsu Ratura ・ The role of Yukimi Hayase  ・ The role of Mary Berry , Seika Hirose
・ Hikaru Akao

・ Sadistic ★ Candy
 Angelica ・ Amemiya Yukatsu
 Rukifel ・ Matsuda Toshiaki

 Yu supernova ・ Yu Sakuragi
 Millfeuille ・ Eiko Saeko
 Fiona ・ Haruka Ito

・ Ray
 Eliza, Kana Hanazawa,
 Chloe Hanazawa,
 Anno Nanjo, Yuka Amemiya,
 Camila Yuka Uesaka,  Yuzuriha Uesaka
, Ayane Sakura


Director: Hiroyuki HataSeries

Composition: Kasumi Tsuchida / Hajime Asano

Animation Character Design / Overall Drawing Director: Tarou Ikegami
Prop Design: Etsunori Iwanaga
Art Setting: Takashi Miyano
Art Director: Yoichiro Yamamoto
Color Design: Yuichi Furuichi
CG Director: Takuji Goto (Tri Slash)
Cinematographer: Kazuya Iwai (Studio Shamrock ) )
eDIT: Tsubone Kentaro (real Thi)
Music: Takarano Satoshi
acoustic Director: Naya僚介
sound production: Studio mouse
production studios: Yokohama animation lab




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