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"Single Doriva of the Wings" will be broadcast in July 2020!


The original animation "Siguldriva of the wings" which was decided to be produced has been decided to be broadcast in July 2020.

Tatsuhei Nagatsuki (Representative work: "Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero") worked on the series composition and screenplay for the original animation "Single Doriva of the Wings", and Takuya Fujima (Representative work: "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha") ViVid ") is in charge of the original draft of the character, and Takaaki Suzuki (representative work:" Girls & Panzer ") is an original animation that sets and examines the world view.

⇒ "Rezero" Tatsuhei Nagatsuki x "Nanoha" Takuya Fujima x "Galpan" Original animation "Siguldriva of the wings" to be produced by Takaaki Suzuki!

This work, whose production has just been announced recently, will be broadcast as a TV animation in July 2020, from the noon on March 22 (Sunday) at a production presentation that was broadcast live on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, AbemaTV etc. It was announced.

In the program, the whole image of the work, including the second teaser visual, the introduction of this work, characters and fighters, was released one after another. 

In addition, the novelization of this work was also decided.
The "Wing of the Sigurdriver Rusalka (above)" will be released on May 1st.

Character & Aircraft Introduction

■ Claudia Braford (Gladiator Mk.II)

■ Six cars, Miyako (Ki 44-II)

■ Komagome Azuzu (He100D-1)

■ Tairai and Sonoka (MC72R)


Book information

■ Novelize "Siguldriva Rusalka of the wings (above)"

Release Date: May 1, 2020 (e-book version released simultaneously)
680 yen (tax): Price
author / Nagatsuki Tappei Illustration / FujiShin Takuya original / Sentsubasa Club

by identity existence unknown enemy resistance, Mankind who loses a living area.
The last hope was a girl chosen by God-"Valkyrie", who runs in the sky on a heroic aircraft.
One of them is Rusalka, a talented and inflexible female soldier.
At the forefront base in Europe, she met a girl with out-of-place brightness and overwhelming combat.
The encounter with a <special> Walkure girl will not only drive Ruthalka's fate, but also move the trends of mankind.
“-Tell me, yours, everything” The
air battle fantasy that the girls who flutter in the dead area weave, the opening!

Program information

■ Walkure Information Bureau 1st

・ Broadcast date: April 22 (Wed.) 21: 30-

▼ Nico Nico Live Broadcasting

TV anime "Wingle's Sigurdriver" special program "Valkyrie Information Bureau" is regularly broadcast every month!
Next time, the main cast will be lifted in the special program and scheduled to appear live! Do not miss!

[Work information]
■ TV anime "Single Doriva of the wings"
<Broadcast information>
Start broadcasting in July 2020


-"Pillar" suddenly appeared on the earth and became a threat to all life. 
It was the existence of a god who called himself "Odin" that reached out to the human race, which was being driven in without a hit. As a way to counter Pillar, Odin gave humanity the war maiden "Valkyrie" and a heroic wing to their wings, and declared a counterattack. 
A few years later-the battle between mankind and the pillars continues, the war maids dressed in wings, and the men who support such maidens are flying in the deadly sky to save the world. Japan is no exception here. Three war maiden standing at Sacred Peak Fuji and confronting a huge pillar. All of them have certain skills, but they have all the problem children. There, a translator Ali's ace pilot comes from Europe ...

"Now, it's time for a counterattack, humanity. The coming battle day-Ragnarok is near."

Tatsuhei Nagatsuki of "Re: Life in a Different World from Zero" in the series composition and script, Takuya Fujima of "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid" in the original draft of the character, Suzuki of "Girls & Panzer" in the setting and review of the world view Takaaki and a new empty military, presented by powerful staff, begin.

Series composition / Screenplay: Tatsuhei Nagatsuki
Character draft: Takuya Fujima
World view setting / Setting review: Takaaki Suzuki




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