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TV anime "Monster girl's doctor" will be broadcast in July 2020!


It has been decided that “Monster Girl's Doctor”, which has been decided to be animated on TV, will be broadcast in July 2020. In addition, the first PV and character & cast information has been released.

"Monster Girl's Doctor" is a popular light novel by Yoshino Origuchi and Illustration Z Ton. In a world where humans and demons coexist, a new physician, Dr. Glenn, and a Lamia assistant, Surfe, examine the mermaid gills, fresh golem thighs, and dragon scales, but for some reason they always have an abnai atmosphere ... It is a medical fantasy work.



The director is Yoshiaki Iwasaki of "Love Hina" and "The Familiar of Zero", and the series composition is "Is it wrong to ask for a dungeon encounter?" "Tenchi Muyo! Mr. Hiromi Kato of "Guilty Crown" and "ID-0" will be responsible for character design, and Arbo Animation will be in charge of animation production, "We can not study."


⇒Shueisha Dash X Bunko's popular work “Doctor of Monster Girl” will be turned into a TV anime in 2020! Teaser PV released


PV release

In the released PV this time, the main character, assistants, and major monster girls will appear! You can get a glimpse of everyday life in the clinic.







Character information is also released!

In addition, the character information of this work was also released.

■ Glen Litbite


A doctor specializing in demons. Born in the human territory of the east, he met Lamia surfers at an early age and became interested in demons and medical care. There is a little unreliable, but gentle and gentle personality. He was recognized by his teacher Kthrif at a young age and was so good that he was appointed a clinic. He is quite a work person and often goes beyond his limits to concentrate on treating patients, acting unreasonably, and often used to surfing.


■ Surfentit Nakes


A sister and disciple who studied under Cthrif like Glenn. He is well versed in pharmacy and supports Glenn as an assistant. She is a strong and intelligent woman, but because of her jealous race, she accumulates stress as more and more rivals approach Glen. It often explodes without being honest. Use the tail dexterously like a third hand. Also, surfers usually wear special innerwear to block out sunlight because of albino.


■ Tissalia Scutaire


Centaur wants to make Glen the future husband. She is the daughter of Scutia Shokai, who handles the logistics of Lind Vlum, and is called "Princess" by the same race. He is in the third rank in the arena and bravely spears in duels, but is surprisingly timid. Elegant, hated to bend, honest and simple personality but kind. Since herbivore is a tribe, she usually eats only vegetables and fruits, but she eats a lot due to her large body.



■ Lulala Heine


Mermaid novice diva. She is singing at "Mellou Water Street". An adolescent girl who is cheerful, cheerful and innocent. There is a side to thinking that money is severe and realistic thinking because a father disappears and has to feed a mother and young siblings. My favorite food is shrimp shell sausage, and I like to eat the whole shell. A race with a low body temperature that can cause burns when touched by humans. In the water, you can swim while protecting your eyes by closing the translucent flash membrane.


■ Alagna Tarantella Araknida


A clothing designer for the large trading company "Arashinu Hosei", which manufactures and sells demonic clothing. A race called Arachne with spider characteristics. At first glance, she is a friendly woman who has a casual atmosphere of using strange dialects of the eastern country, but has a certain “tough habit”. I'm a longtime friend of Surfes and I enjoy drinking my favorite sake together. Arachne is a race where only girls are born, so men of other races are always companions. Sometimes a trap is set up to force a favorite man into something.


■ Skady Dragenfeld


A dragon in the shape of a little girl. After the war between the demons and people, Lind Wurm was the first to develop Lindum Worm into a city of coexistence. He is still the representative of Congress and has strong power. The voice is extremely low, and sometimes the imperfections of the aides must speak for them. A pacifist who loves humans while being the strongest race in the demons. However, some people prefer watching the arena, and have the nickname "Ryutojo".


■ Toughness / Zenau


A fresh golem guarding Skady. Originally a combat golem made in the Far East, it is now free-living and alive as a close-knit escort to Scavendy. The body is fragile because it is a spliced ​​corpse and needs to be replaced regularly, but I hate doctors. Although there is no pain of loss for herself, it is a hobby of the creator who created her, and it is specified that only the sensitivity of the thigh is very good. Golems are manufactured for a variety of purposes, depending on the caster's speculation, but in hardships to create immortal soldiers.


■ Ily

Harpy girl. She is rescued by Glens when she is trapped in a slave trader. He had no parents and grew up in the slums as an orphan. A bright and innocent young girl who loves fighting and has some unbridled, but really loves flying. It has sharp claws and can be grasped firmly even in unstable places such as cliffs and trees. What grows from the top of the head is not a hair but a feather unique to Harpy called a crown. Feathers are developed, cold resistant race.


■ Meme Redon


Artisan apprentice cyclops girl. A promising disciple of a male household, "Kukuro Kobo", expected from his master. It is characterized by a huge one eye, but because of his masochistic nature, he himself is a complex with big eyes. I am suspicious of social phobia and sometimes become suspicious. He has a surprising hobby that he likes Gothic loli, but he basically hides it. Despite struggling with Lulara's personality, who is of the same generation and who has the opposite personality, I don't hate getting a call. He is a very dexterous tribe and has excellent craftsmanship such as weapons.


Public cast

In addition, cast information was released. Junichi Toki plays Glen Litobite, Saori Onishi plays Surfentit Nakes, Bridcut plays Tisalia Scutia Emi Sarah, Yukiyo Fujii plays Lulara Heine, and Alanya Tarantella Arachnida Yu Shimamura plays the role. Comments have been received from each cast, so let me introduce them below (all original moms).


・ Question (1): Please tell us your impression when you decided to appear in "Monster Girl Doctor".
・ Question (2): Please give a message to fans who are looking forward to anime. 

■ Junichi Toki (as Glenn Litobite) [Left front row in the photo]
(1) By playing the protagonist for the first time, I thought it would be good news for those who have supported me up to now! I want to do my best to deliver wonderful works to everyone more attractively!
(2) The characters who appear are being played by wonderful casts! ! If something happens to the monster's body ... Every story, I see! ! Just think! There is no doubt that you will be satisfied! Please expect by all means!

■ Saori Onishi (Surfentit Nakes) [Right in the front row of the photo]
(1) Since the audition, I had been enjoying the surfing and playing at ease . I will play a naughty surfing with all my strength while supporting Mr. Glen! !
(2) Cute monster girls move with animation! The appearance of the character also has an impact, but each character has its own personality and it is very nice, so please look forward to it! ... Lamia's tail is useful ... I feel that through post-recording (laughs).

■ Bride Cut Sara Emi (as Tissalia Scutiare) [left in the back row of the photo]
(1) I was very happy! From the stage of the audition, playing Tisalia was very fun and fun, so I was even more happy when it was decided!
(2) Which monster girl do you like? There are so many different characters, so please pay attention to Mr. Glenn's treatment and find your favorite monster. Please enjoy until the last story!
Tisalia / Bridkat Sara Emi


■ Yukiyo Fujii (as Lulala Heine) [Center in the back row of the photo]
(1) Lulala had a pretty appearance, but had a hard time surprisingly, but she was a bright, strong and hard-working child. It was a character that could be played freely and freely, so I was happy to decide!
(2) In a different world where humans and various demons live, any kind of monster will be healed by the kindness of Dr. Glen, who treats his treatment seriously without any separation. I think the scene of the treatment of the cute monster girls is a little sexy ...? It's just a medical practice! Enjoy the fantasy world with monsters, medical, romantic comedy!

■ Yu Shimamura (as Aranya Tarantera Arachnida) [Right in the back row of the photo]
(1) Alanya Tarantella Araknida ... It's a long and difficult name. Actually, I thought I fell for the audition. The script of the recording arrives at hand and looks at the incense table and is surprised! To be honest, I was filled with my feelings, "Let's do Alagna's dialect!"
(2) Lamia, Centaur, Arachne, and times are monsters. Very personally fresh. There seem to be many things to be challenged in performing. Please look forward to the world of animated monster girls.


[TV anime overview]
■ Doctor of monster girl

<Broadcast Information>
Broadcasting started in July 2020

Original: Yoshino Origuchi
Illustration: Z Ton
Director: Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Series Composition: Hideki Shirane
Character Design: Hiromi Kato
Art Director: Satoru Kuwahara
Prop Design: Etsui Iwanaga
Color Design: Katsuta AyaFutoshi
Director of photography: country Hiroshi Shigemoto
eDIT: Kimura SachiAkira
Music: TO-MAS
acoustic Director: Aketa River Hitoshi
sound production: Magic capsule
animation production: arbovirus animation

Glenn Ritobaito: Toki Hayabusaichi
Sir Fen tit Neikusu: Saori Onishi
Tisalia Scutia: Bridcut Sara Emi Lulara
Heine: Yukiyo Fujii
Alagna Tarantella Arachnida: Yu Shimamura

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