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"Do you like me only?" Final OVA


The key visuals and new videos have been released from OVA " Do you only love me? Our Game Set ".
Furthermore, from May 23, 2020, it was revealed that it will be screened at 10 theaters nationwide, including Shinjuku Baltic 9 and Cine Libre Ikebukuro in Tokyo.

[Photo] "Do you like me only-you are our game set ~" Advance ticket

"Do you like me only?" Is a camel that won the 22nd Dengeki Novel Grand Prize "Gold Prize" A love comedy based on a light novel published by Dengeki Bunko.
OVA "I just love you-our game set-" is the final part of the TV anime broadcast from October to December 2019, and the superheroic ordinary character Jiro and he in all Up to the conclusion of a hose that is more upward compatible than the previous one is visualized.

The new information was announced in “ Aniplex 48 Hours Television!” Which was broadcast live on March 21, and the key visuals were designed with the main characters such as Jolo and the heroine Pansy.

The new video has a glimpse of a part of the OVA, "Let all love come to the past."

OVA "Do you only love me?-Our game set-" will be screened on May 23, 2020. On April 10, advance tickets with A4 original clear file benefits using OVA visuals will be released.
Also, on BS11 , Yomiuri TV and TV Aichi, TV anime rebroadcasting is scheduled to start from midnight on April 5.

OVA "Do you like me only you?-Our game set-"
■ Schedule: May 23 (Sat) ~
■ Screening theater: Hokkaido: Sapporo Cinema Frontier Tokyo: Shinjuku Baltic 9 / Cine Libre Ikebukuro Kanagawa: Yokohama Petersburg 13 / Kawasaki Cinecitta Chiba: TOHO cinemas LaLaport Funabashi Saitama: MOVIX Aichi Saitama: Midland Square Cinema Osaka: Umeda Petersburg 7 Fukuoka: T · Joy Hakata

<benefits with common national advance tickets on sale now! >
■ Release Date: April 10 (Friday) ~
■ Price: 1,300 yen (tax included)
■ benefits: OVA Visual Original A4 clear file
※ processing of the day general 1,500 yen.
* The number of benefits is limited. As soon as they are gone, only advance tickets will be sold.

<TV anime "I just love you?" Will be rebroadcast! >
■ BS11: April 6 (Mon) 23: 30-
■ Yomiuri TV: April 6 (Mon) 25: 59-
■ TV Aichi: April 5 (Sun) 26: 05-




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