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"BATON = RELAY" Android version starts


The voice actor activity direction game " BATON = RELAY " has also been released on the Android version on March 22, 2020, the iOS version release date.

[Photo] The appeal of the voice actor activity direction game "BATON = RELAY"

"BATON = RELAY" is a voice actor activity direction game that guides "voice heroines" who aim to be "I want to be myself." The character design is Tamiki Wakagi and the main scenario is Saba. Yosuke Kabashima is the overall director of the in-game animation.

In this game, a number of items that can be used in the game are distributed as pre-registration rewards, such as “10 consecutive scout tickets” and “SR Sumida Hinata ( drawn by Mr. Akio Watanabe )”. After logging in to the game, you can receive rewards from the "Present BOX" at the top right of the home screen.

In addition, the “Start Dash Login Bonus”, which allows you to get a bonus in 7 days from the game start date, and the “Scratch of 1 or more SSRs for 7 days only” that can be closed only once for 7 days after login are implemented.

"BATON = RELAY" is now available for both iOS and Android.

concept: New generation voice actor heroine project
Genre: Voice actor activity direction game
Distribution start date: Sunday, March 22, 2020
Character design: Tamaki Wakaki
Main scenario: Shimesaba
Price: Basic play free (some items charged) System)
Supported OS: iOS / Android  
May not be available depending on the model (C) BATON = RELAY Project All Rights Reserved.




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