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The TV anime of the media mix large idol project "IDOLY PRIDE" will be broadcast in the winter of 2021. At the same time, the key visuals of the anime were released.
In addition, it is announced that Sayaka Kanda will be in charge of the cast of the new character "Mana Nagase" . Comments from Kanda have also arrived.

[Photo] "IDOLY PRIDE" as Mana Nagase: Sayaka Kanda

"IDOLY PRIDE" is a large-scale idol project developed by the media agent in cooperation with CyberAgent Group, Music Rain and Straight Edge.

In the cast, Haruka Tomatsu , Ayayo Takagaki, Minako Tobuki, Ayo Toyosaki of Music Sphere belonging to Sphere , Tenma Amamiya and Momomo Asakura of TrySail , Shiina Natsukawa, and audition from many voice actor offices The members selected by will participate.
In addition, the staff drafted the TV anime “Love Live! Tokita Hanada, who worked on the theme song, participated in the project, and QP: flapper, who worked on “Girlish Number” and “Girlfriend (provisional)” for the character design draft, and Masayoshi Oishi , kz (livetune), and Q- Creators such as MHz, Wicky.Recordings, and Hidekazu Tanaka (MONACA) will be participating.

The TV anime "IDOLY PRIDE" will be broadcast in the winter of 2021 on distribution services such as terrestrial, BS, CS and AbemaTV.

<Here's the full text of the comment>
Mana Nagase: Sayaka

Kanda I'm Sayaka Kanda, assuming the role of Mana Nagase.
I have no experience with idols, but I am honored because there are places
where I can relate to what she cherishes as idols, and there are places where I long for
their charms.

TV animation "IDOLY PRIDE"

Original draft: Yoshimi Mizusumi (QualiArts), Kaoru Adachi (straight edge),
Toki Hanada (SATZ) Original: Project IDOLY PRIDE
Character design draft: QP: flapper
Director: Yu Kinome
Series composition : Tatsuya Takahashi
Character design: Sumie Kinoshita
Music: Music Rain / QualiArts
Music production: Masayoshi Oishi, Reiji Okii (TWEEDEES), Katsushi Kitagawa (ROUND TABLE), Yu Sakai, Hidekazu Tanaka (MONACA), Yasukin, kz (livetune ), Q-MHz, Wicky.Recordings
Animation Produce: CAAnimation
Animation Production: Lerche

Haruka Tomatsu, Ayayo Takagaki, Ayako Tokusaki, Aki Toyosaki, Amamiya Ten, Asakura Momo, Natsukawa Shiina, Tachibana Miki, Kanno Mai, Moeko Yuki, Naoko Natsume, Nao Sasaki, Koharu Miyazawa, Kanade Takao, Kanata Aikawa, Momoka Hinata, Shina Shuto, Sayaka Kanda




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