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"Magazine of half"


The latest work by Disney & Pixar , the most cryable film in Pixar movie history, is called "Half of Magic, " which is coming soon.
In this work, a shy boy Ian who wants to meet his father only once and wants to meet him, and a cheerful brother Barley who wants to meet and tell his father only once more, are magic that completely revives his father. This is a story about a journey to find.

In the

play that shows the related images , the main character Ian uses magic to revive his father only for 24 hours, but his father who revived with imperfect magic is only "foot".
Pixar's production team tried and tried a number of times to draw this "dad only with feet" as a character that can empathize, and the most difficult thing among them was "Expressing emotions with feet only" That was. To that end, he works with real actors, thoroughly researching the movements of the lower body, and finding a way to convey emotions only with feet.

Pixar's creators worked with Dick Van Dyck, a Hollywood veteran who is famous for his role as Bart in Mary Poppins.
He became famous in Japan for his starring work " Chiki Chiki Bang Bang " released in 1968, and later appeared in the " Night Museum " series. In 2019, the musical movie `` Mary Poppins Returns '' showed a light tap dance despite being 91 years old at the time of shooting, and the dance sense with excellent rhythm feeling is still weak at 94 years old I didn't.

Drawing director Alison Rutland discusses the character of "Father-only Dad" completed with the help of Dick Van Dyke and others "unique personality and sincerity and seriousness only in the lower body, communicating with Ian and Barley Dad can't see and hear, but he can touch with his feet.The movement of his feet alone expresses the importance of Ian and Barrie. That was an interesting challenge for us, and it was a very enjoyable experience to collaborate with many people and draw Dad's character. "

In this way, the Pixar creators have created a "father-only father", a family-friendly character full of affection for Ian and Burley without any expression.

Will Ian and Barley be able to revive their dad and meet at a glance within 24 hours? Expectations are growing more and more in this work, which is waiting for the most shocking ending in Pixar history.




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