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"Hiroaka" TV anime!


A new visual for the fourth climax of the TV anime " My Hero Academia " has been released. In addition to Endeavor, the appearance of Hawks, which is the first appearance of the TV anime main part, was included. Yuichi Nakamura as Hawks commented, "Please look forward to Hawks' success!"

[Photo] "My Hero Academia" Hawks

This new visual will be released for the 4th episode of "My Hero Academia". In addition to the familiar “Flame Hero” Endeavor, the “Wing Hero” Hawks that appeared in “My Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising”. It is one of the attention that Hawks, who has the ability to rank high in the hero ranking "Hero Billboard Chart JP" at a young age, and how Endeavor will be active in the main part.

In addition, a limited time free distribution of the TV series will be implemented for elementary, junior and senior high school students who are temporarily closed due to the spread of new coronavirus. It will be distributed on Youtube "Jump Channel" until April 19, 2020.

The TV anime "My Hero Academia" is currently being broadcast on 29 Yomiuri TV and Nippon Television networks nationwide.

<Here's the full text of the comments>
[Hawks: Yuichi Nakamura]
The character of "Hawks", a very interesting character that seems to be difficult to do with a simple line, even in the original "How does he move from now on?" It is unpredictable in this respect, and I am looking forward to the future development. I am very honored to have him, who is such an important person, and I am excited and excited to perform! Expect Hawks to be active!

"My Hero Academia" TV Anime 4th Season
Every Saturday Evening 5:30
Yomiuri TV / Nippon Television Network 29 stations nationwide * Broadcasting popular except in some areas

Original work: Kohei Horikoshi (Shueisha "Weekly Shonen Jump Series) General Director: Kenji Nagasaki Director: Masahiro Mukai Series Composition / Screenplay: Yosuke Kuroda (Studio Orphee)
Character Design: Yoshihiko Magoshi Music: Yuuki Hayashi Animation Production: Bonds
Opening Theme: "Star Marker" KANA-BOON Ending Theme: "Shout Baby" Green / Yellow Society

Midoriya Ikuhisa: Yamashita Daiki   Michigata: Mio : Aragaki Tarsuke Eri: Kobayashi Seiran
Bakugo Katsumi: Okamoto Nobuhiko Rei Ochako: Sakura Ayane Iida Tenya: Ishikawa Kaito Todoroki frozen: Yuki Kaji
Mimiro HibikiKaoru: Kei Shindo Ashito Mina: Eri Kitamura Setsushima Surudojiro: Toshiki Masuda  frog吹梅rain: Aoi Yūki
Aizawa ShoFutoshi: Junichi Suwabe Oruma Application: Kenta Miyake
Endeavor: Toru Inada Hawks: Yuichi Nakamura




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