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Heya Camp (Japanese anime)


Heya Camp

TV anime "Yurucamp", which was broadcast from January to March 2018 and has been well received. From January 2020, the short animation "Heya Camp", the latest in the series, will be broadcast. The main staff are members who worked on the TV anime "Yuru Camp". C-Station is in charge of animation production, directed by Masato Jimbo, who directed the OP in the previous work, Mutsumi Ito for the series composition and screenplay, and Mutsumi Sasaki as the character design and total drawing director. In addition, Akiyo Tateyama is in charge of the music that is indispensable for coloring the work, following the previous work. And as a supervisor, Yoshiaki Kyogoku, the director of the previous work, has also decided to participate in this work.

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 6, 2020-
Production company:C-StationGenre:Pretty Girl Heroine / Short

Voice actor: Yumiri Hanamori , Nao Higashiyama , Sayuri Hara , Aki Toyosaki , Rie Takahashi , Akio Otsuka
staff: Director: Masato Jimbo, Series composition / Screenplay: Mutsumi Ito, Ky … View all

Nokuru, go on a trip! Outdoor activity circle, short for field. There are only three members. Motosu High School has a school building in one corner of Yamanashi Prefecture, and a loose outdoor circle that uses a corner like "Eel of the Eel" as a club room in the club room building in that corner. Today, even today, Kakamigahara Nadeshiko was killing his spare time in a small clubroom room, and Chiaki Ogaki and Aoi Inuyama suddenly said, "I'm going to travel now!" Nokuro members take Yamanashi to the west, running around the nagashi. Where is the goal of your trip during a rare journey of a high school girl who is enjoying all the specialties of each place !?

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