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"Godzilla" puppet show "Godjiban"


The second season of "The Monster Puppet Godzilla " by the puppet troupe " Atelier Koganemushi", which won the prize in the audition project "GEMSTONE" with the theme of " Godzilla ", will start broadcasting on May 1 on "Toho Tokusatsu Channel" .

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"Monster Puppet Theater Gojiban" is the first prize-winning creator of "GEMSTONE" Creators Audition, a puppet troupe "Atelier Koganemushi" and Toho A nostalgic yet new monster puppet show that has been assembled.
The film was broadcast on the Toho Tokusatsu Channel every Friday evening around 5pm from August to December 2019.
The tickets for the first live performance at "Godzilla Festival 2019" sold out in two hours, and the cumulative number of views on YouTube exceeded 2.3 million times (as of March 23), and it is a popular work.

It has been decided that the second season of such "Kaiju Puppet Show Goji-Ban" will begin broadcasting on Friday, May 1, 2020, every Friday evening around Goji (5:00).
In addition to the monsters including the three Godzilla brothers who were active in the first season, in the second season, there will be characters with little girls and Dr. Serizawa as motifs.
New monsters also appear one after another, and develop new adventures with Godzilla.

Also, to commemorate the second season's broadcast, official Twitter account activation and merchandise sales have been decided.

In the second season of "The Monster Puppet Godzin Ban", broadcasts will begin on Friday evening at Goji (5:00) on the Toho Tokusatsu Channel every Friday from May 1.

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May 1, 2020 (Friday) to July 24 (Fri) (all 13 episodes) ※ every Friday evening Goji (5:00) scheduled broadcast time
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