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"Maggressive Squadron Kira Meijer" united robot "Kira Meijin" appears as a voluminous food toy kit!


From " Majin Sentai Kira Meijer " comes a " Mini-PlMajin Merged Series 01 Kira Meijin " that reproduces the united robot appearing in the work with a plastic kit . Sales have started at candy stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

[Photo] The "MiniPla Magical Merge Series 01 Kirameijin" Majin Fire A Miniplastica series allows

you to remove and assemble each part by hand without using tools, and to use gimmicks and sophisticated proportions such as deformation and merging. This is a compatible toy plastic kit series.

In addition to sticking to proportions and movement, this product maximizes the appeal of Kirameijin by adopting clear parts and color-coded plastic molding. The size is about 140mm in height and finished with a large volume kit.

In addition, this year, a “ Super Sentai Mini-Pla Campaign” targeting squadron series products was also conducted. This is a campaign with a total of 2,000 “mini plastic Kirameijin clear lame ver.” Which can only be obtained through the campaign. Details can be confirmed on the special site.

The price of "MiniPla Magical Merge Series 01 Kirameijin" is 360 yen (excluding tax). And a set product that can complete all 6 types at once is 2,160 yen (excluding tax).

Mini-Pla Magical Merge Series 01 Kirameijin
Price: 360 yen ( excl. Tax)
Set content: 1 plastic model, 1 ramune confectionery
Product size: 140mm tall
Sales channels: nationwide super-convenience stores, such as candy sales floor
Publisher: Bandai Co., Ltd.

[lineup] (all six)
1. Majin Fire A2
. Majin Fire B3
. Mashin Fire C
4. Majin Mach & Majin Shovelo
5. Majin Jetta
6. Majin Helicopter


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