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Assassin's Pride (Japanese anime)


Assassin's Pride

Animated light novel (illustration: Ninomoto Nino) by Kei Amagi, published in January 2016 at Fantasia Bunko (KADOAKWA). The number of copies of the original is 500,000. A fantasy work in which the protagonist Kufa-Vampir (CV. Yuki Ono), along with Meridian-Angel (CV. Tomoki Kusunoki), a dignified and innocent girl, confronts the duties and fate of each.

Start time:Fall 2019On-air date:October 10, 2019-December 26, 2019
Production company:EMT SquaredGenre:Fantasy

Voice actor: Yuki Ono , Kusunoki and Mori , Yui Ishikawa , Marina Yabuuchi , Ayane Sakura , Maaya Uchida , Kazu氣AS Not , Suzuki Tatsuhisa , Tomoyuki Morikawa , Tokui blue sky , Asami Seto

staff: Director: Kazuya Aiura, Series composition: Deko Akao, character ... show all

A world where nobles with the ability to mana are responsible for protecting humanity. A unique girl who has no mana while being a nobleman who attends a training school for abilities, Merida-Angel. Kufa-Vampir is sent as a tutor to find her talent. He carries on the task of assassinating her if she is not talented. Kufa is trying to make a cruel decision to Merida, whose ability is in every society, and unrelenting efforts. "Would you like to leave my life to me?" Show the value of a girl to the world by pride of the assassin teacher who is neither an assassin nor a teacher!

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