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Japan Anime Ranking Top 100 2020/03/01 update(one month access count result)


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    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    The 2nd place of the romantic comedy animation ranking
    Voice actor:
    Tomoe Yasushi, Kyoko Mitsu, Tsukuda Samu

    Familiar ComicFesta animation in the “Monks”, a new anime cool in January 2020. TV of the popular girl comic "Obber-Floor-Sister's Kimochi which is overflowing when inserted" ("Original: Kaizuka") popularized in the web advertisement of "Bath" in "...! Animated work. The director is Rei Ishikura, the script is Eyo Kurosaki, the character design is Yoshihiro Watanabe, the general drawing director is Kazuya Kuroda, Masato Fugai, Takashi Nakamoto, the sound director Takahiro Haenomoto, sound production Is Studio Mouse, and animation is produced by studio HOKIBOSHI.

    For a long time

    I was able to make up after all

    It's like sake

    It ’s gone…

    This anime sugewa

  • 27SEEDS


    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2019 web animation
    SF animation ranking 1st place
    Voice actor:
    Nao Higashiyama, Jun Fukuyama, Katsuyuki Konishi, Yoko Sawami, Kana Asumi, Akira Ishida, Aoki Yuki, Kazu Inoue ...

    Survival science fiction set in the near-future world where humankind is at risk. The original comic completed in 2017 has been published in 35 volumes (plus one biography), and has become a popular work with a total of over 6 million copies in the series. Young people selected for the 7SEEDS Project, which preserves the seeds of mankind by freezing, are working hard in a world that has been transformed into a harsh environment.

    It has a very complicated structure.

    Was funny!

    Expectation: Large Planning degree: Medium

  • 3 Afterall my youth romantic comedy is wrong. Complete

    After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong.  Complete

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    The 4th place of love rice anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Takuya Eguchi, Saori Hayami, Nao Higashiyama, Ayane Sakura, Aoi Yuki, Mikako Komatsu, Takashi Kondo, Hinoki ...

    Published by Gagaga Bunko (Shogakukan) since 2011, the popular light novel "Ore Gail" by the original author Watari Watari and illustration Pangkan (8), "My youth romantic comedy is wrong. Is a story in which the protagonist of a high school student, Hikiya Hachiman, joins the “Service Department” and unfolds a youth full of mistakes with Yukino Yukinoshita, the most beautiful girl in the school. For the third year in a row, this light novel was incredible! In 2014-2016, he was ranked No. 1 in the work category, and he entered the Hall of Fame. In addition, it won the 1st SUGOI JAPAN Award 2015 in the Ranobe category. Following two TV animations, it was also made into a game. And the third season of TV anime, "My youth romantic comedy is wrong. Complete" will be broadcast in the spring of 2020. Director: Kei Oikawa, Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi, animation. Feel.

  • 4< Infinite Dendrogram > -Infinite Dendrogram-

    <Infinite Dendrogram> -Infinite Dendrogram-

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    8th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Souma Saito, Yuko Ohno, Satoshi Hino, Makoto Koichi, Yuuki Takada, Ayumi Murase, Yui Ogura, Hikasa ...

    “<Infinite Dendrogram> -Infinite Dendrogram-” was announced by Sakon Kaido on the novel posting site “Let's Become a Novelist” and won the 1st place in the annual VR game section ranking of the site in 2016. After that, the first appearance of the 4 titles of the `` Ranobe News Online Award '', the first place in the `` New Ranobe General Election 2017 '' ranking, the second place in `` This Ranobe is amazing 2018 '', the topical work that won many titles。 Light novel label `` HJ Comicalization has also been developed since it was published as a book by Bunko (Hobby Japan), exceeding the total of 440,000 copies in the series. The original is Sakon Kaido (HJ Bunko / Hobby Japan), the character draft is Taiki, the director is Tomoki Kobayashi, the character design is Masahiko Nakata (WHITE FOX), the series composition and screenplay is Yuichiro Momose, the background is Production Eye Kenji Hiramatsu is the music, Kisuke Koizumi is the sound director, and NAZ is in charge of animation production.

    Inevitably, the "Overlord" ains overlap the bear and appear.



    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    5th in SF animation ranking
    Voice actor:
    Kenjiro Tsuda, Yoshimasa Hosoya, M.A.O., Emi Bridekatsera, M.Muraji, Kondo ...

    "ID: INVADED" is a completely new original animation directed by Aoi Ei directed by "Fate / Zero" and "Aldnoah.Zero". A SF mystery work written by a popular writer known as "Dragon's Dentist" by Kingtaro Maishiro. Character draft is `` Blood Lad '' cartoonistYuki Kodama, character design is `` Fate / stay night Heaven's Feel '' `` Fate / stay night UBW '' Total drawing director Yoshihiro Sono of PSYCHO-PASS and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Daisuke Mataga, the main animator of "Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero".

    I've seen it all the time, but in the end I didn't know much.

    That's a difficult story.

  • 6Yarichin ☆ Bitch part

    Yaritin ☆ Bitch Club

    Satisfaction -
    2019 OVA
    1st in the anime rankings for women
    Voice actor:
    Yusuke Kobayashi, Daiki Hamano, Ayumi Murase, Kentaro Kumagai, Takuya Sato, Tomoki Ono, Tsubasa Dainaga, Yama ...

    Love and sex spring unfold at the boarding school in the mountains! If you can't sex with a man within a month, you'll decide to fuck! ? Tono is a first-year student who has moved from Tokyo to a private school in Morimori, a boarding school in the mountains. Yaguchi of the soccer club who talked to me ...

  • 7Heterogeneous Reviewers

    Heterogeneous Reviewers

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    The comedy animation ranking second place
    Voice actor:
    Junji Majima, Yusuke Kobayashi, Miyu Tomita, Kaede Yuasa, M.A.O., Momoyo Koyama, Hana Isobe ...

    "Heterogeneous Reviewers" (Original: Amahara / Drawing: masha) is a popular comic series that is very popular in Nico Nico Manga's "Doradora Sha #". A cutting-edge fantastic comedy that is super dangerous in many ways has been decided to be a long-awaited TV animation. Set in a world where a variety of races such as elves, beastmen, demons and angels live, go to a mufufu shop run by heterogeneous daughters and cross-review all of their services without leaving all over the world, terrestrial broadcasting last minute ! ? Na, it seems to be an unprecedented XX store review animation. Directed by Yuki Ogawa of `` Theatrical Version FLCL Prog '', `` Miru Tights '', Makoto Uno of `` RAIL WARS! '' For character design, Kazuyuki Kazuyuki of series composition `` Slime was a reincarnation '' The animation production will be performed by "Passone" of "High School DxD HERO".

    that? Terrestrial broadcasting stations are increasing (laughs)

    Accumulated angel ww # 8

    Goodbye Terrestrial, Part 2. All that remains is Kyoto. Will it be a caligula effect?

    Is that Dutch ...?

    Eat nameko soup!



    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 web animation
    Robot animation ranking second place
    Voice actor:
    Masahiko Tanaka, Tomoyuki Morikawa, Hitoshi Yamanoi, Wataru Takagi, Yutaro Honjo, Yu Sugimoto, Ryusaburo Otomo

    The anime "OBSOLETE" is the latest work by Gen Kabuchi. Genuine Kakubuchi who produced many hits works as the original draft and series composition, and Ryosuke Takahashi known for "Armored Trooper Votoms" etc. produces and produces a completely original full CG animation. Animation production will be performed by CG animation studio Takeemon (Buemon) whose roots are Sunrise. A real robot animation depicting the <if> world from the present to the near future, where the “2.5m” consciousness-control general-purpose robot “Exo Frame” is active. It will be distributed on YouTube Bandai Namco Arts Channel from December 3, 2019.

  • 9Fumiko's Confession

    Fumiko's Confession

    Satisfaction -
    2009 OVA
    The school animation ranking 11th
    Voice actor:
    Hina, Kikocang
  • 10grape nils


    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Love rice anime ranking 29th place
    Voice actor:
    Natsuki Hanae, Nao Higashiyama, Kana Hanazawa, Takahiro Sakurai, Miki Ito, Yoshiaki Hasegawa, Shizuka Ishigami ...

    A variant SF action & love comedy series serialized in Young Magazine Third. From April 2020, it will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others.

  • 11Lupine the 3rd VS Detective Conan

    Lupine the Third vs. Detective Conan

    Satisfaction 4.25
    Spring 2009 TV Anime
    9th in suspense mystery anime
    ranking, 12th in 2009 anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Kanichi Kurita, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Makio Inoue, Eiko Masuyama, Goro Naya, Minami Takayama, Yamazaki ...
  • 12MUNTO-Beyond the Wall of Time

    MUNTO: Beyond the barrier of time

    Satisfaction -
    69th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Masago Higo, Haruna Mima, Kari Shimizu, Rie Kugimiya, Hiro Shimono, Koji Ishii, Yuki Masuda, ...
  • 13Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero (Part 2)

    Re: Life in a different world starting from zero (second phase)

    Satisfaction -
    2020 Summer TV Anime
    52nd in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yusuke Kobayashi, Rii Takahashi, Yumi Uchiyama, Inori Minase, Rii Murakawa, Satomi Arai, Taketo Koyasu

    On the way back from a convenience store, Subaru Natsuki, a boy suddenly summoned to a different world. In a different world where nothing can be relied upon, the only power of a helpless boy is ... the power of "Return to Death" to die and rewind time. To protect important people ...

  • 14I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing to defense.

    I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing to defense.

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    Fantasy animation ranking 22nd
    Voice actor:
    Kaede Hondo, Ruriko Noguchi, Saori Hayami, Satomi Arai, Ai Kakuma, Nakasu Suwa, Noriaki Sugiyama ...

    Yumitsukan's light novel "I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing it to the defensive power." Is a popular novel with a total of over 80 million PVs on the novel posting site "Become a novelist". The book was published at Kadokawa BOOKS, and it was also comicalized, and the total number of the series exceeded 400,000. Set in the virtual world of the game "NewWorld Online", a novice player Maple who has defended his stats on a defensive level will develop a great adventure with the strongest skills he has obtained. As a result of extreme swing, Maple who has all the status points defensively detained the skill [absolute defense]. The ultimate novice of the Las Boss class, who negates all attacks and traverses obstacles with lethal poison skills, is drawn to have fun adventures with friends. The animation director is Shin Onuma and Miki Minato, the series composition is Fumihiko Shimo, the character design and total drawing director is Kazuya Hirata, and the animation production is SILVER LINK.

    A cheat like a slime and shield hero combined!

    No. 1 in this term.

    This is also an extreme setting. The hero does not fight (laugh)

  • 15Devil Blade

    Demon blade

    Satisfaction 4.83
    Spring 2019 TV Anime
    5th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Natsuki Hanae, Akari Kito, Hiro Shimono, Yoshijo Matsuoka, Takahiro Sakurai, Yoshitada Otsuka, Yuki Kaji, Kakuma ...

    Animated manga serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) by Yoyoharu Gotoge from 2016. The original comics, including the electronic version, have exceeded 2.5 million copies worldwide (as of June 2018). The animation production will be performed by "ufotable," which was in charge of theatrical version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]", "Kagatsu Touken Ranbu" and "Tales of Zestiria the Cross".

    The training part is also interesting.

    Dice steak senior (° д °)!

    Now, from next week's OP, you can see the faces of all the pillars!

    The place called Taisho is interesting. Close your eyes because the hero's emotions are monotonous in boy manga

    I feel 30 minutes in a flash.



    Satisfaction -
    2006 OVA
    Robot animation ranking 18th
    Voice actor:
    Tomoyuki Morikawa, Yuko Mizutani, Tomokazu Sugita, Shinichiro Miki, Ryutaro Okiayu, Yumi Touma

    Overcoming the damage and confusion caused by the simultaneous fall of two meteorites, mankind was expanding its playing field into space. However, in the New Year 179 AD, a third meteorite, Meteor 3, fell off the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific. Upon investigation, it is an artifact ...

  • 17Onikomiko Flame 1

    Onikomiko Flame 1

    Satisfaction -
    Summer 2006 OVA
    8th in horror and scary anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yasutoshi Tokumoto, Sako Chiba, Setsu Sato, Cho, Sanae Kobayashi, Osamu Hosoi, Masato Kawanaka, ...

    The mission of Enma, which uses fire as a metamorphosis, is to hunt the "Evil" that escaped from the Makai. For this reason, he is a detective in the human world with his partner Yukihime and Kapael, who is in charge of collecting information. One day, the history of German at a university at the Flame Detective Office ...

  • 18Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2 Gravity Front Volume 3

    Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2 Gravity Front Volume 3

    Satisfaction -
    2009 OVA
    Robot animation ranking 21st
    Voice actor:
    Kikuko Inoue, Koji Yusa, Daisuke Kusunoki, Kentaro Ito, Hiroki Higashi
  • 19High! High! Puffy Amiyumi

    Hi! Hi! Puffy Amiyumi

    Satisfaction -
    2004 TV Anime
    4th in Family & Kids Animation Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Noriyuki Kobayashi, Sachiko Kojima, Akihiko Ishizumi


    Satisfaction -
    1996 Winter Anime Movie
    SF animation ranking 20th place
    Voice actor:
    Tsutomu Isobe, Koichi Yamadera, Masaru Takashima, Shozo Iizuka, Hideyuki Hori, Michio Hasama, Shuo Otsuka, Hayashi ...

    I want to see the "city of artillery" after a long time.

  • 21fictional reasoning

    Fictional reasoning

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    4th in Suspense Mystery Anime Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Akari Kito, Mamoru Miyano, Misato Fukuen, Sumire Uesaka, Kenji Hamada, Mayumi Sako, Yoshimitsu Shimoyama ...

    "Fictional Reasoning" by Kyo Shirohira of "Spiral" and "Zenen no Tempest" is a light novel released in 2011 by Kodansha Novell as a novel "Fictional Reasoning Steel Man Nanase" (illustration by Hiro Kiyohara). Kotoko Iwanaga, the hero who became the "god of wisdom" of monsters and youkai, and Kuro Sakuragawa, who became immortal after eating the power of extraordinary powers, faced a mysterious incident. A mysterious battle x mystery mystery. The director of the TV animation version is Keiji Goto, `` Kiddy Grade '' and `` End Ride '', the series composition is `` Golden Kamuy '', `` Die Neue These Legends '' Noboru Takagi, Character designTotal drawing director Takashi Honda San. Animation production is handled by Brains Base.

    A body without a face is a mystery royal road

    Should I have to search for the criminal?

    .. Na also can make a silver bullet to Kuro!

    Is it fictional reasoning because it is a detective who can get clues from spirits and monsters ...!?

    Taro can eat mermaids !?

  • 22Ikki Tousen Chiba Tsurugi Blood Record

    Ikki Tousen Tsuba Fighter Blood Record

    Satisfaction -
    2012 OVA
    Beautiful girl / Heroine anime ranking 60th
    Voice actor:
    Masumi Asano, Yuko Kaida, Satoshi Hino, Kei Shindo, Hitomi Raw Tenme, Minori Chihara, Maii Kadowaki ...

    Fighting spirits who inherited the spirit of the Three Kingdoms warlord. In the fierce battle for supremacy in the Kanto region, the rest of the fighters who had fought a lot of fierce battles should have a rest. The members of Nanyo Gakuin, led by Sonsaku Hakufu, went to Kyoto, far from Kanto ...

  • 23Airborne Dragons

    Airborne Dragons

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    17th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Tomoaki Maeno, Amamiya Ten, Souma Saito, Kana Hanazawa, Junichi Suwabe, Tomokazu Seki, Takahiro Sakurai, Bird ...

    An animated version of "Airborne Dragons" serialized by Koichi Kuwahara on Kodansha's "good! Afternoon", broadcast on "+ Ultra" from January 2020. Naohiro Yoshida, the deputy director of Knight of Sidonia's Ninth Planet Campaign and BLAME !, dramatically depicts the polite character in the beautiful and magnificent fantasy world. The series composition and screenplay include Makoto Kamiesu, who works on many popular works such as "Assassination Classroom" and "Arslan Senki", and Miwa Iwanami of the "Spider-Man: Spider Bath" and "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath" series as sound directors. Animation production is in charge of Polygon Pictures. The staff of "Knights of Sidonia" and "BLAME!" Reconvene, fascinating the overwhelming world of high fantasy.

  • 24Shakugan no Shana

    Shakugan no Shana

    Satisfaction -
    2005 TV Anime
    43rd in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Rie Kugimiya, Satoshi Hino, Masashi Ehara, Ayako Kawasumi, Satoshi Sakurai, Hitomi Ichiname, Mitsuo Iwata, Su ...
  • 25Strike the Blood

    Strike the Blood

    Satisfaction -
    2020 OVA
    84th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yoshimasa Hosoya, Risa Taneda, Asami Seto, Rina Hidaka, Ikumi Hayama, Ryota Osaka, Hisashi Kanemoto ...

    Kojo and Yukina have won the battle with Wattler over the "Shogaku". An ancient castle that became a dominant island ruler by making Genkami Island its own "night empire", he spent his daily life much the same as before. In such a case, it is happening in the sea area around Genkamijima ...

  • Iproved that 26science fell in love.

    I proved that science fell in love.

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    The ninth place of love rice animation ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yuma Uchida, Amamiya Ten, Natsuko Hara, Himasa Omori, Jun Fukushima, Ryutaro Okiayu, Momo Asakura

    A popular manga that has been serialized on "COMIC Meteo" (Flex Comics) since May 2016 and has exceeded 850,000 copies by Arifred Yamamoto. "What if science girls and science boys fall in love?" A laughing and kyungkyun "starting from the definition of love" remake experiment love comedy set in a university lab. A topical work that caused a sensation on SNS, such as a work introduction tweet that partially excerpted the original work exceeded 20,000 retweets. Following the TV drama in September 2018 and the movie in February 2019, it has been converted to TV animation, and aggressive media development has been carried out. The director is Toru Kitabata, the deputy director is Kenta Onishi, the series composition / script is Ikuta Ikutaro, the character design / general drawing director is Yusuke Isauchi, the producer is Shunsuke Saito, the production director is Koichiro Natsume. , Animation production will be in charge of Xersey.

    Did the manga artist break the glasses case ...

    Torusuke is a specialty, and the performance is overwhelmed by Yukimura, and manages to survive the research presentation.

    Torusuke is a specialty, and the performance is overwhelmed by Yukimura.

    The combination of Yukimura and Himuro is good, but the combination of Torasuke and Senior Toshida might be even better.

    Is the model of the new character the author?

  • 27Hanako-kun, Land Bond Shonen

    Hanako-kun, the landbound boy

    1.00 satisfaction
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    Comedy animation ranking 7th
    Voice actor:
    Emi Ogata, Akari Kito, Shoya Chiba

    "Jihashi Shonen Hanako-kun" is a popular comic serialized in Aidairo's monthly "G Fantasy". One strange rumor transmitted to the seagull school. On the third floor of the old school building's third-floor toilet, there is Hanako-san, who grants any wishes of the caller. It's a heart-full toilet comedy where the occult girl Nene Yahiro turns herself into a school ghost story to fulfill her wish. Directed by Masakatsu Ando of "Gakuraku!", "Kuzu no Hontai" and "Hakumei and Mikochi", and the series composition and script is "Yuhiro Nakanishi wants to tell Kaguya-sama, the love brains of geniuses" The character design will be performed by Mayuka Ito of "Mini Hama" character design "Hakumei and Mikochi", and Lerche of "Kana Astra" and "Given" will be in charge of animation production.

    It wasn't easy ... tears

    I really like it personally.

    Whatever you think, "Danganronpa".

    Personal preference for character design.

  • 28Battle Spirits Overlord (Heroes)

    Battle Spirits Hao

    Satisfaction -
    Fall 2011 TV Anime
    7th in Family & Kids Animation Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Mana Hirata, Jun Fukuyama, Saki Fujita, Reiko Takagi, Masashi Muto, Mika Matsuoka, Kenichiro Matsuda, Water ...
  • 29Theatrical Version: Devil's Blade Infinite Train

    Theatrical version: Devil's blade Infinite train

    Satisfaction -
    Undecided anime movie
    53rd in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Natsuki Hanae, Akari Kito, Hiro Shimono, Yoshijo Matsuoka, Satoshi Hino
  • 30LISTENERS listeners

    LISTENERS listeners

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Music animation ranking 11th
    Voice actor:
    Ayumi Murase, Rii Takahashi, Rie Kugimiya, Kana Hanazawa, Junichi Suwabe, Yusho Uemura, Taku Yatsushiro, Above ...

    "LISTENERS Listeners" is an original TV animation project in which Kagerou Project's creator Jin and Symphony Psalm Eureka Seven's scriptwriter Dai Sato have teamed up. This work, in which Jin-san and Dai-Sato create a story draft and screenplay, is a road movie in which a single boy meets a mysterious girl Miu who has an input jack in his body and travels the world together. The heroine Mew in this story will be played by Ryo Takahashi. MAPPA, who released “Yuri !!! on ICE” and “Zombie Land Saga”, will be in charge of animation production under the direction of “Ajin”, directed by Hiroaki Ando.

  • 31Eight men, it is not!

    Yao is not it!

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    74th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Junya Enoki, Asuka Nishi, Yuna Mimura, Mikako Komatsu, M.A.O., Masashi Yamane

    The mediocre young trading company man "Shingo Ichinomiya" suddenly reincarnated as a poor and noble eighth son "Vendellin" in a different world. A popular series by, read over 350 million times on the web novel posting site "Become a Noveler". The animation director is Tatsuo Miura, the series composition is Takeshi Miyamoto, the character design is Kenji Tanabe, and the animation production is Shinei Movie SynergySP.

    The theme song was announced and I was most excited about it

  • 32First Steps Champion Road

    First steps Champion Road

    Satisfaction 4.50
    2003 TV Anime
    Sports animation ranking 20th
    Voice actor:
    Kohei Kiyasu, Kenji Utsumi, Rikiya Koyama, Ichiro Nagai, Wataru Takagi, Keiji Fujiwara, Toshihiko Nakajima, Ta ...
  • 33I like what I like so I can't help it !!

    There is no help for it because I like what I like !!

    Satisfaction -
    2005 TV Anime
    38th in the anime rankings for women
    Voice actor:
    Hikaru Midorikawa, Taketo Koyasu, Soichiro Hoshi, Susumu Chiba, Shinichiro Miki, Akira Ishida, Yuki Miyata, ...

    Sora Hashiba, who had been hospitalized due to a fall from the school building, was discharged and returned to the school dormitory. In the same childhood and the dormitory director, the Honjo Festival, the two of them are in the same room, but angry in the sky who does not remember himself ...

  • 34Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

    Satisfaction -
    Fall 2006 TV Anime
    9th in the Family & Kids Animation Ranking
  • 35Darwins Games

    Darwins games

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    8th in Action Anime Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yusuke Kobayashi, Rena Ueda, Himasa Omori, Taku Yatsushiro, Yumiri Hanamori

    "Darwin's Game" is an animated manga of the same name by FLIPFLOPs. The story begins with the invitation of an unknown app, Darwin's Game, sent to an ordinary high school student, Kaname Sudo. After launching the app, Kaname gets caught up in a game in which players use each other to fight. A story about surviving a battle with powerful players who attack without knowing. Directed by Mr. Yoshinobu Tokumoto of `` Comic Girl '', Series composition and screenplay is Hideki Miyama, scriptwriter of FLIPFLOPs who works on the original, animation production `` Comic Girl '', `` Granbellum Nexus and others.

    I think that the original modification in some places has moved in a good direction as a one-cool animation.

    It feels like a pattern that is unlikely to be continued. But I think it was a good animation.

    Kaname awakening. And next time is the last one.

    The ranking No. 1 snow orchid joins Kaname clan.

    For a brief moment, there was a detective Tagonaka's turn.

  • 36Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld 2nd Cool

    Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld 2nd Cool

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Voice actor:
    Matsuoka Yoshijo, Tomatsu Haruka, Chino Ai

    "Sword Art Online" (SAO) is an animation work based on a novel by Reki Kawahara. In the mysterious next-generation online game "Sword Art Online", the main character, Kirito, is being played. The first TV anime was broadcast in July 2012 and the second in July 2014. In addition, the first part of `` Sword Art Online Alicization '', the third phase of this series, will be in October 2018, and the 1st cool of the second part `` Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld '' will be in 2019. It was broadcast from October. Finally, from this spring, the 2nd cool that will be the final episode of Part 2 "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld" will be broadcast. The director is Manabu Ono, the character design is Shingo Adachi, Go Suzuki Tomoya Nishiguchi Yumiko Yamamoto Kento Toya, and the production is A-1 Pictures.

  • 37Magical Girl Training Plan

    Magical girl training plan

    Satisfaction 4.42
    Fall 2016 TV Anime
    Magical girl anime ranking 1st
    place2016 anime ranking 12th place
    Voice actor:
    Nao Higashiyama, Aimi Numakura, Ayane Sakura, Yumi Uchiyama, Yumiri Hanamori, Kikuko Inoue, Yo Hikasa ...

    [4th in the fall 2016 anime] A light novel by Asaji Endo is animated. A junior high school student, Koyuki Himekawa, who was playing a social game `` Magical Girl Raising Plan '' with the power to make one out of tens of thousands of players a real `` Magical Girl '', `` Reduces too many magical girls by half '' Under the declaration of management, it will be involved in a fierce battle. The highlight of the game is the fierce battle betrayed by 16 pretty magical girls.

    I saw it again recently, but the voice actor's acting ability is amazing

    Was funny

    What was under maintenance?

    I'm so tired. Is there anything you like?

    Actually, the composition of the radio was spoiler, and I was expecting it.

  • 38Somali and the God of the Forest

    Somali and the God of the Forest

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    24th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Inori Minase, Daisuke Ono, Hiroki Nanami, Tatsuo Suzuki, Yuki Ono, Saori Hayami, Yu ...

    "Somali and the God of the Forest" is a fantasy work by Yoko Kogeishi, serialized in the web comic Zenyon. In the ancient era, a world where humans lost in battle are at risk of extinction and dominated by strange creatures. The forest god "Golem" and the human daughter Somali meet in the forest in a mysterious way. Somali calls the golem a "dad", and from that day the journey of the parent and child is drawn. In the anime "Somali and the God of the Forest", the leading characters Inori Minase (as Somali) and Daisuke Ono (as Golem) have already been announced. Mr. Kenji Yasuda (satellite) who worked on it, and Ikuko Ito who is known for the character design such as "Princess Tutu" and "Yuki Nagato's disappearance" are working.

    I think Tsugami is OK.

  • 39Destruction Magic

    Destruction magic

    Satisfaction -
    2001 TV Anime
    Action animation ranking 64th
    Voice actor:
    Yuji Ueda, Rie Tanaka, Kazuhiro Yamaji, Jurota Kosugi, Takashi Matsuyama, Tetsuya Iwanaga, Ietomi ...

    A space criminal "exile body" that should wander in space for eternity. Some 20 million of those exiles suddenly came to Earth. Bad boy Sadamitsu Tsubaki encounters a data life "accompaniment body" who visited the earth to collect exiles. Misunderstood constant light ...



    Satisfaction -
    Fall 2018 TV Anime
    9th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yuki Ono, Emiri Kato, Aya Endo, Riho Sugiyama, Kana Asumi, Machiko Omoto, Saki Fujita, ...

    RPG "CONCEPTION Give birth to my child!" Teamed with the game producer Yoshinori Terasawa of the "Danganronpa" series and character designer Shinichiro Otsuka of the "Re: Life in a Different World from Zero" series. Anime based on. For the TV animation, director Keitaro Motonaga of "Date A Live" "Jormungand", Yuko Kakihara of series composition "Aikatsu Friends!" "BanG Dream!", Animation character design "Order is a rabbit Is it? Yosuke Okuda and Masato Koda of "Knights & Magic" and "Blessing to this wonderful world!" GONZO is in charge of animation production.

    At first I saw it with eyebrows, but I think it's a refreshingly stupid thing, and in a sense it's a refreshing work. Personally, I do not dislike such works (laugh)

    I want you to add subtitles because you only need Erodanuki.

    Is this game interesting enough to make it an anime? It's a shame that this year's anime will be good enough for the first time.

  • 41Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY Vol.3

    Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY Vol.3

    Satisfaction -
    1991 OVA
    Robot animation ranking 37th
    Voice actor:
    Ryo Horikawa, Rei Sakuma, Akio Otsuka, Shuo Otsuka, Masashi Sugawara, Yoshiharu Yamada, Kazu Ikura ...
  • 42OVA ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers Vol.1

    OVA ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers Vol.1

    Satisfaction -
    2012 Winter OVA
    Beautiful girl / Heroine anime ranking 48th
    Voice actor:
    Yurina Hase, Shizuka Ito, Riko Rikimaruno, Hitomi Raw Tenme, Sasari Ishizuka, Konami Yoshida, Small ...

    Takaaki and the heroines have been thrown into an unknown world by a very ayashi-like game machine that Maryan developed. It was a RPG-like fantasy world where swords and magic fit. Dress up in adventurer costume ...

  • 43 Ihave been reincarnated as a villain daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game ...

    I have been reincarnated as a villain daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game ...

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Love rice anime ranking 30th
    Voice actor:
    Makoto Uchida, Shota Aoi, Asami Seto, Tetsuya Kakihara, Ten Amamiya, Tatsuo Suzuki, Mutsuko Tamura, ...

    The series has surpassed 1.5 million copies and has been reprinted by Ichijinsha Bunko Iris. Exactly as the title suggests, a 17-year-old high school girl who has been reincarnated as a villain daughter Katarina Klaes of the maiden game, the ultimate ending of <Exile> at the happy ending, her ending in the game world, and <dead> at the bad end The choice of two people, the appearance of rushing to avoid the path to ruin and the world view woven by attractive characters surrounding her are supported by many people, and the original novel's comicalized work is Grand Prize 2019 "was also ranked fourth in the comics category. It has been announced that this hot topic will be turned into a TV anime in April 2020.

  • 44pet-pet-

    pet -pet-

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    6th in Suspense Mystery Anime Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Keisuke Ueda, Kisho Taniyama, Yuki Ono, Yasuyuki Kase, Shunsuke Sakino, M.A.O., Koji Yusa ...

    The TV anime "pet" is based on the cartoon "Pet Remaster." By Ranjo Miyake, depicting the severe fate of boys called "pet" who have the ability to sneak into the human brain and manipulate memory. TV anime based on the edition. The director is Mr. Takahiro Omori, who has been eager for visualization for more than 10 years since he met this work. The series consists of Sadayuki Murai, who has teamed up with Director Omori in Natsume's Book of Friends. The animation production will be handled by Geno Studio, which has been working on featured works such as the "Genocide Organ" and "Engraving".

    The actor of Hiroki is not good at acting. Heine of "Royal Teacher Heine" did well even if he was poor in character, but looking at this situation it seems that he has not grown up, sorry.

  • 45kremikusa


    4.23 satisfaction
    2019 Winter TV Anime
    2nd in SF animation ranking
    Voice actor:
    Mikako Komatsu, Arisa Kiyoto, Tomomi Sumi, Jenna, Kenji Nojima

    A new animation by animation production company Yao Yorozu, who worked on the popular 3DCG animation "Kemono Friends" and "Tesagure! Reboot as a TV series based on "Kemrikusa" (2010-2012), which was announced as a self-produced animation by "irodori" led by Tatsuki. In the main cast, Mikako Komatsu plays the role of `` Rin '' who is a central person in the story and has a strong sense of responsibility, and Arisa Kiyoto plays the role of `` Ritsu '' with a distinctive cat ear with a quiet sister character, Naughty sister Tomi Yoshimi Sumi and others play the role of "Rina" of the type.

    Was good! It was the best! !

    Tatsuki (animation director)

    Some mysteries remain, so I hope there is a talk before and after.

    The last round was good! ! ! Masterpiece! ! ! # 12

    There are still some doubts, but the last is safe. Rin-chan is cute. To get to know the work deeply, I bought an Ultra Jump with "Wakaba Memo" drawn by Tatsuki. (12 episodes) #Kemrikusa

  • 46Don't dabble in the Video Lab!

    Don't dare to work at the video institute!

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    Second place in the school animation ranking
    Voice actor:
    Sato Ito, Mutsuko Tamura, Misato Matsuoka, Yuri Hanamori, Mikako Komatsu, Kazuhiko Inoue, Tomo Ono ...

    "Don't give your hand to SIG!" Is an animation work based on a manga by Sumitomo Odo, serialized in Shogakukan Monthly! Spirits. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa, who is known for his unique styles such as "DEVILMAN crybaby" and "You and the Waves", this is a new work that will be broadcast on TV from January 2020 on NHK General. Character design will be performed by Naoyuki Asano of Osomatsu-san, and animation production will be performed by Science SARU, who works on many Yuasa-directed works.

    It was really fun! Or Conan! !

    When I heard the voice of Bansen, I thought he was a boy.

    Recording reservation. Don't dare to work at the video institute! #Video lab

  • 47Musashi Miyamoto -A Dream of a Twin Sword-

    Miyamoto Musashi -A Dream of a Twin Sword-

    Satisfaction -
    2009 Spring Anime Movie
    3rd in the history / war anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Takeharu Kunimoto, Takayuki Sugo

    "Ikukuni Harima samurai, Shinmen Musashimori Fujiwara Gennobu, 60 years old. I've always been on the path of military law since my youth, and I'm trying to compete for the first time at the age of thirteen. He goes up to the city and decides to fight the soldiers of the world several times.

  • 48Delusion Science Series Wandaba Style

    Delusion Science Series Wandaba Style

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2003 TV Anime
    Beautiful girl / Heroine anime ranking 56th
    Voice actor:
    Yuki Miyata, Ai Shimizu, Rika Morinaga, Mai Nakahara, Chiwa Saito, Kana Ueda, Chiba Chiba
  • 49Sunny!


    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Sports animation ranking 26th
    Voice actor:
    Natsuki Hanae, Seiichiro Yamashita, Aoi Yuki, Amamiya Ten, Souma Saito, Tomiko Orikasa, Takahiro Sakurai, ...

    "Senran!" Is the original animation given by PAWORKS of "SHIROBAKO" and "Hanasaki Iroha". Set in the United States where the 19th century is over and the 20th century is about to end. A genius but sociable engineer `` Toraharu Kuno '' and a terrible but timid samurai `` Ishiki Kosame '' drifted from Japan to the United States in an accident, Story to participate in "crossing race". Directed by "TARI TARI" and "Crayon Shin-chan Honeymoon Hurricane-Lost Hiroshi-" Masakazu Hashimoto, character draft is cartoonist Anton Siku, character design and total drawing director Yurie Daito serves as PAWORKS animation production Is in charge.

  • 49Devil Hero Hero Wataru Seven Souls Ryujinmaru

    Majin Herou Wataru Seven Souls Ryujin Maru

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 web animation
    Robot animation ranking 42nd
    Voice actor:
    Mayumi Tanaka, Kazue Ikura, Megumi Hayashibara, Tomomichi Nishimura, Tetsuaki Genda

    "Majin Heroes Wataru" is a robot anime whose first work in the series started in 1988. Also known as the pioneer of multi-faceted media mix work, the third TV anime in the series, "Super Genie Hero Wataru" was also produced. Even after more than 30 years have passed since the broadcast ended, there are still strong fans. "Majin Heroic Legend Wataru Nanatama no Ryujin Maru" is directed by Hiroshi Shinshina (Studio Live), character design by Momoko Makiuchi (Studio Live), mechanical design by Astrays, and art directors by Shigemi Ikeda and Yukiko Maruyama ( Ateliemsa), acoustic director Sadayoshi Fujino, planning assistance BANDAI SPIRITS, and production by Sunrise.

    I saw it early ~ o (^ д ^ o) ≡ (o ^ д ^) o

  • 51Selfish ☆ Fairy Mirumo Pong! Chaaming

    Selfish ☆ Fairy Mirumo Pon! Chaaming

    Satisfaction -
    2005 TV Anime
    26th in Family & Kids Animation Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Etsuko Sakura, Mai Nakahara, Mayuko Omimura, Daisuke Namikawa, Akiko Suzuki, Hitomi, Kugimiya ...
  • 52Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

    Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 web animation
    SF animation ranking 42nd place
    Voice actor:
    Atsuko Tanaka, Shu Shu Han, Akio Otsuka, Koichi Yamadera, Yutaka Nakano, Toru Ohkawa, Takashi Onozuka, Futoshi Yamaguchi ...

    In 1989, Masamune Shiro published the original manga in "Young Magazine Special Edition Pirate Edition" (Kodansha), followed by animation including "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell" (1995) by Mamoru Oshii The latest in the "Ghost in the Shell" series, which has been deployed in various media such as Hollywood live-action movies, and has continued to surprise and inspire the world. "Ghost in the Shell" full 3DCG animation for the first time in history. Exclusive distribution on Netflix from April 2020. Directed by Kenji Kamiyama who worked on the "Ghost in the Shell SAC" series and Shinji Aramaki who worked on the "APPLESEED" series, Production IG and SOLA DIGITAL ARTS are jointly responsible for animation production.

  • 52Monkey Punch Cartoon Activity Large Photo

    Monkey Punch Cartoon Activity Large Photo

    Satisfaction -
    2004 TV Anime
    Action animation ranking 67th
    Voice actor:
    Takuya Kirimoto, Masanori Takeda, Masashi Kimura, Akane Sakai, Hiroshi Iwasaki
  • 54Non-conforming Persons of Maou Gakuin

    Non-conforming person of Demon Academy

    Satisfaction -
    2020 Summer TV Anime
    Voice actor:
    Tatsuo Suzuki, Tomori Kusunoki, Yuko Natsuyoshi

    The demon king of violence that revived after 2,000 years, but the aptitude of the institute to raise the demon candidate-`` inconsistency '' !? Demon King of violence who reincarnated in a dream of a world `` Anos Voldigord ...

  • 55Delusion Agent

    Delusion agent

    Satisfaction 3.75
    2004 Winter TV Anime
    19th in the suspense mystery anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Maiko Noto, Haruko Momoi, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Shozo Iizuka, Toshihiko Seki, Joji Goesyanagi, Naoko Kyoda, ...
  • 56Die Neue These (NHK version)

    Die Neue These (NHK version)

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    SF animation ranking 44th place
    Voice actor:
    Mamoru Miyano, Kenichi Suzumura, Yuichiro Umehara, Yuki Kaji, Junichi Suwabe, Daisuke Ono, Yuichi Nakamura ...

    The Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a popular work that has been deployed in various media such as comics and the stage, even after the first volume has been published for more than 30 years. From April 2018, the first season of the anime "Die Neue These", produced by Production IG, was broadcast on TV in 12 episodes. The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Die Neue These Seiran, is the sequel to the second season, with 12 episodes produced in 2019, and four episodes were screened in three chapters. "The Legend of Galactic Heroes Die Neue These (NHK Version)" is a celebration of the 24th episode of "The Legend of Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Seiran," with a new OP & ED theme, Monday, April 6, 2020, 22:50 It will be broadcast on NHK E Tele from the minute.



    Satisfaction -
    2007 OVA
    The 70th place in the ranking of beautiful girls and heroines
    Voice actor:
    Ami Koshimizu, Mamiko Noto, Misato Fukuen, Naoko Suzuki, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Takaya Kuroda, ...
  • 58New Sakura Wars the Animation

    New Sakura Wars the Animation

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    The 40th place in the ranking of beautiful girls and heroines
    Voice actor:
    Ayane Sakura, Maaya Uchida, Hibiki Yamamura, Ayaka Fukuhara, Saori Hayami, Yohei Azami, Michie Tomizawa ...

    "New Sakura Taisen the Animation" is an animated version of the action adventure "New Sakura Taisen" for PlayStation 4 released in December 2019. A new battle of "Imperial Hanaga Team, Hanagumi" centered on the main character, Sakura Amamiya, is drawn. In making the TV animation, Manabu Ono supervises the director, Ono and Tatsuhiko Urahata co-work the series composition, and Sanjigen is in charge of animation production.

  • 59Nurse Switch Wheat-chan Magical KARTE.4

    Nurse switch wheat-chan Magical KARTE.4

    Satisfaction -
    2004 OVA
    Magical girl anime ranking 11th
    Voice actor:
    Haruko Momoi, Yuji Ueda, Ikue Otani, Masaya Onosaka, Mitsuki Saiga, Atsuko Enomoto, ...

    Nakahara Wheat is a cosplay idol that belongs to the small entertainment industry. She transforms into a magical girl magical nurse wheat with a magical baton that has been passed over the whole wheat from the world of Wakuchin. Catch the prodigious angel of the virus that causes disturbance in the human world ...

  • 60Samurai Champloo

    Samurai Champloo

    Satisfaction -
    2004 TV Anime
    Action animation ranking 73rd
    Voice actor:
    Kazuya Nakai, Ayako Kawasumi, Ginpei Sato

    The first original animation by mangroves that produced "The World God Only Knows" and "Like Hayate!" Set in a world where contemporary culture is mixed everywhere while setting the stage in Japan during the Edo period, it depicts a rare journey of one girl and two samurai. It features unique productions such as sword fighting using break dance. The director is Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop.

  • 61Singing Yesterday

    Singing yesterday

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Drama animation ranking 30th
    Voice actor:
    Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Yume Miyamoto, Kana Hanazawa, Natsuki Hanae, Tatsuo Suzuki, Maaya Sakamoto, Takuma Terashima, ...

    "Singing Yesterday" is a comic work by Keiko Toume, serialized in Business Jump / Grand Jump since 1998 and completed in 2015. Comics has surpassed 1.4 million copies in the series, and is still loved by many fans. Director and series composition of the TV animation was Yoshiyuki Fujiwara who served as the director and series director of `` Attack on Titan '' and `` Tada-kun does not fall in love '', and directed the script with director Yoshiyuki Fujiwara and `` Yuru Camp '' Hitoshi Tanaka, who worked on the composition and script, is in charge. The animation production will be in charge of the animation studio that worked on "A angel fell down on me!" And "Asteroid in love."

  • 62I'll die if my soul comes to Budokan

    If you go to Budokan, you will die

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    6th in the ranking of beautiful girls and heroines
    Voice actor:
    Ai Firuzu, Hinata Tachibana, Kaede Hondo, Ikumi Hasegawa, Maya Enoyoshi, Kaori Ishihara, Japanese ...

    A comic by Auri Hirao, who has surpassed 350,000 copies of the series that has been serialized on COMIC Ryu web, says, "If you come to Budokan, you will die." This work depicts ChamJam, an underground idol group active in Okayama Prefecture, and its enthusiastic fans, and features a lot of content that resonates with idol nerds. It has been announced that TV animation broadcasting will be started on TBS and BS-TBS in 2020, and the director is `` Yamano Susume '' Mr. Yusuke Yamamoto, and the series composition is `` Love is after the rain Akiko Deko of "Yo". Eight bit is in charge of the animation production, "The case was a slime after reincarnation."

    Voice actor is good

    It was a good story. # 1

  • Want 63Kaguya to tell you? -Genius's Love Brain Battle-

    Want Kaguya to tell you?  -Genius's Love Brain Battle-

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Love Comedy Anime Ranking 41st
    Voice actor:
    Aoi Koga, Shin Furukawa, Yoshimi Ohara, Ryota Suzuki, Miyu Tomita, Yumuri Hanamori, Momo Asakura, Sun ...

    "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-the genius's love brainstorm-" is a TV anime based on the same name comic by Akasaka Aka (Shueisha "Weekly Young Jump"). Vice-chairman Kaguya Shinomiya and chairman Shirogane Miyuki met at the student council of Shuchiin Gakuen, where the talents and personality are good and the promising future talents gather. The first stage of TV animation was broadcast from January to March 2019 in a new comedy “brain battle” romantic comedy work by two people who could not be obedient and pride. "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you?-The genius's love brainstorm-" will be held on April 11, 2020 at MBS, TOKYO MX, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, BS11, and TV Niigata. Be broadcast.

  • 64Takuboku Bird Detective Place

    Takuboku Bird Detective Place

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    14th in the suspense mystery anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Shintaro Asanuma, Takahiro Sakurai, Kenjiro Tsuda, Kensho Ono, Souma Saito, Yuichiro Umehara, Furukawa ...

    The original is a full-fledged mystery novel "Takuboku Bird Detective Tokoro", which won the 3rd Sogen Original Short prize. In making the animation, Shinpei Ezaki, who supervised the director at "Monster Strike THE MOVIE to the beginning of the place", and Taku Kishimoto, who served as the series composition with "Haikyu !!" Furthermore, Iku Saki, a popular illustrator, is used in the character draft. Animation production is handled by Leiden Film, which has worked on Terra Formars and other projects.

  • 65Bungo and Alchemist-Judgment Gears-

    Bungo and Alchemist-Judgment Gears-

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    33rd in the anime ranking for women
    Voice actor:
    Junichi Suwabe, Yuichi Nakamura, Tetsuya Kakihara, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Masaya Onosaka, Takumi Watanabe, Sugita ...

    DMM GAMES boasts a PC browser and smartphone app game "Bungo and Alchemist", a literary reincarnation simulation game that aims to protect literature from invaders before losing literature from people's memories with various literary creatures. A PC browser & smartphone app game presented by DMM GAMES, which has surpassed 1.1 million registered users. In December 2019, it was announced that it would be broadcast in the spring of 2020 as a TV anime "Bungo to Alchemist: Judgment Gear". The original is DMM GAMES, the world view is supervised by Ishijiro, the director is Hiroshi Watanabe, and the animation is produced by OLM.

  • 66 Theold man in trouble

    Old man in trouble

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Comedy Anime Ranking 68th
    Voice actor:
    Satoshi Hino, Inori Minase, Tomoyuki Morikawa

    Animated works in trial series at "Frontier Debut Program", a debut program for prospective manga artists on the platform "LINE Manga Indies" where anyone can post and view original works.

  • 67Battle Fairy Yukikaze OPERATION: 5

    Battle Fairy Yukikaze OPERATION: 5

    Satisfaction -
    SF animation ranking 38th
    Voice actor:
    Masato Sakai, Joji Nakata, Masako Ikeda, Harumi Ishiryu, Takaya Haji, Miho Yamada

    A giant fog pillar suddenly appeared in a corner of Antarctica. It was a superspace passage for alien invasion of Earth. The Earth Defense Agency establishes the Fairy Air Force and sets up an outpost to stop the invasion of Jam on the planet Fairy, beyond the "passage" ...

  • 68Hidden


    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Comedy Anime Ranking 38th
    Voice actor:
    Hiroshi Kamiya, Rii Takahashi, Natsuki Hanae, Taku Yatsushiro, Kiyono Anno, Ayane Sakura, Ayumi Murase ...

    "Hidden Work" is a manga written by Koji Kumeda serialized in "Monthly Shonen Magazine". The main character is Kakuji Goto, a manga artist who draws a little vulgar manga. She spends every day worried about her important daughter, Princess Goto, that she would be disliked if she was a manga artist. A work that depicts the family story of “Love and laughter, a little touching”. The anime version cast, which will be broadcast from April 2020, is scheduled to be played by Hirofumi Kamiya for his father, Kakushi Goto, and Riyori Takahashi for his daughter, Princess Goto. The director is Yuta Murano, the series composition and screenplay is Takashi Aoshima, the music is Yukari Hashimoto, and the animation production is Aso Ado.

    The voice actor is despair teacher. It seems to be somehow fun.

    Unfortunately, the shaft pv was an overwhelming Kumeda World.

  • 69prandala


    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    31st place in fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yoshiki Nakajima, Rina Motoizumi, Ai Ozawa, Ao Ichikawa, Yuichiro Umehara, Shizuka Ito, Aoi Yuki

    "Prandala" (serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace) is a heroic action fantasy drawn by Sora Minazuki, the original creator of Sora no Otoshimono. The unprecedented post-war world called the `` War of War '', a young man who loves naughty things while hiding his identity with a mask he met in Alcia, and a young man who hits a sword for weak people, A healthy and dedicated girl, Hina, travels in search of the "Legendary King of Death", relying on her will. The story of the mystery of the world being revealed little by little as a result of their encounter. The director of the animation is Hiroyuki Kobe of "My sister can not be this cute" "I will be a twin tail", the series composition is "Shinki Oda's ambition" "The Lord of Vermilion Guren no Suzuki" GEEKTOYS of "RErideD" is responsible for the animation production.

    Another foreigner from Japan ...

    It was a strange work, but it was quite interesting.

  • 70Food Warriors Soma Gono Dish

    Shokugeki no Soma Gono Dish

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    5th in Cooking Anime Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Matsuoka Teiji, Kanemoto Hisako, Takahashi Minami, Hanae Natsuki, Suwabe Junichi, Akazaki Chinatsu, Okamoto Shin ...

    "Shokugeki no Soma" is an animation work based on a manga serialized by Yuto Tsukada and Shun Saeki at Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha). Set in a prestigious cooking school, he depicts the growth of the main character, Soshin Kohei, through a culinary confrontation called “Shokugi”. The director is Yoshitomo Yoneta of the "TIGER & BUNNY Movie" series, the series composition is Shogo Yaskawa of "Terra Formars", the character design is Tomoyuki Shimotani of the "Bakuman." Series, and the animation production is JCSTAFF.

    … Because this animation is surprisingly interesting… I'm glad that there is also a YouTube distribution on AT-X, even if you can't see it. (; ´ ・ ω ・) 110 ℃ CS is malfunctioning device (cannot be repaired after 20 years) I changed it to CS premium. But I hope that it is not orz BS. (; ´ ・ ω ・)

  • 71Kyo-no-Yasuga


    Satisfaction -
    2012 winter web animation
    Voice actor:
    Rie Kugimiya, Kenichi Suzumura, Chiwa Saito, Eri Kitamura, Noriko Hidaka, Ryoko Shiraishi, Aya Hisakawa ...

    Kyoto, not Kyoto. A mirror like a miniature garden with unique development. A girl who has lost his way into such a world for a while. Meet a mysterious nest, be chased by a mecha geek girl, and spend the days of turmoil ...

  • 72President, battle time!

    President, battle time!

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Voice actor:
    Shun Horie, Kana Ichinose, Azumi Waki, Yoshino Aoyama, Yui Horie, Taku Yatsushiro, Sumire Kamisaka ...

    "President, Battle Time!" Is an app game released on October 17, 2019. A different world simulation RPG with a lot of interaction elements. Players become "Presidents" and hire "Adventurers (employees)" to capture dungeons infested with monsters. Adventurers can be trained in "recruit" mode and can be employed in various occupations such as warriors and wizards. In 2020, it is decided to animate the original story to develop in 2020. The original work is KADOKAWA / Dera Game / PREAPP PARTNERS, directed by Hiroki Ikeshita, series composition / screenplay Kenta Inohara, character design / general drawing director Keisuke Watanabe, music by Yukari Hashimoto, animation production by C2C.

  • 72Joshio! ~ A girl from the second floor ... has come down !? ~

    Joshio!  ~ A girl from the second floor ... has come down !? ~

    Satisfaction 3.00
    2018 Summer TV Anime
    Love and Love Story Anime Ranking # 1
    Voice actor:
    Keigo Honda, Ayara, Momoka Obana, Nerine Akimoto

    The topic of recording a huge hit with the e-book version title of "The girl fell down was the tip of my son." TV animation of the work. Set in a ragged apartment, a narrative drama about a dull boy and two beauties, and a comical story about a rich cohabitation between two beauties. From July 1 (Sun), regular short animations will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others. In addition, a full version depicting extreme scenes in ComicFesta Anime Zone is distributed. The director and scriptwriter are Jinki Tomoshiyo, the character design is Satoshi Urushihara, the sound production is Studio Mouse, the sound director is Enomoto Takahiro, and the animation production is ark.

    You may not fall! And they're joined. Isn't it enviable?

    Well, it was a lucky lewd story that made me feel nostalgic.

  • 74Hatena ☆ Illusion

    Hatena ☆ Illusion

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    Love Comedy Anime Ranking 14th
    Voice actor:
    Yoshioka Matsuoka, Aina Suzuki, Miyu Tomita, M / A / O, Takashi Matsuyama, Yoshimasa Hosoya

    "Hatena Illusion" is a TV animation based on a light novel written by Tomohiro Matsu and Kentaro Yabuki. Scheduled to be broadcast from January 2020. The director is Shin Matsuo, the series composition is Tatsuya Takahashi, the character design is Ruizu Nakano, the sound director is Masakatsu Omuro, the sound production is Dach Productions, the music is Kenichi Kuroda, and the animation production is Children's Playground Entertainment .

    Although the novel illustration is Kentaro Yabuki, the animation does not make use of it at all. Because the drawing level is low.

  • 75spoon aunt

    Aunt spoon

    Satisfaction 3.50
    Spring 1983 TV Anime
    Family Kids Animation Ranking 24th
    Voice actor:
    Senno Reiko, Yanami Ryoji, Shimamoto Sumi, Yokozai Naniko, Owada Ritsuko, TARA ...

    Too nostalgic! I wanted an aunt's spoon.

  • 76Re: CREATORS


    Satisfaction 3.17
    2017 Spring TV Anime
    SF anime ranking # 11
    2017 anime Ranked # 30
    Voice actor:
    Daiki Yamashita, Mikako Komatsu, Inori Minase, Yoko Hikasa, Maaya Sakamoto, Amamiya Ten, Rie Murakawa ...

    A completely new original TV animation by Rei Hiroe of the manga "BLACK LAGOON" and Ei Aoki who directed "Fate / Zero" and "Aldnoah Zero". The original / character draft is Rei Hiroe, the director is Aoi Ei, the series composition is Ai Ei and Rei Hiroe, and the animation production is TROYCA of "Aldnoah Zero".

    It's over ... what happened?

    It's a lot of forcing.

    it's ended···

    And a special program again. If this is the case, it would be better to do it even in the omnibus or rebroadcast of one episode.

    I'm gonna do a special program two weeks later.

  • 77Bless this wonderful world! Red Legend

    A blessing to this wonderful world!  Red Legend

    Satisfaction -
    Summer 2019 Anime Movie
    2nd in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Jun Fukushima, Ten Amamiya, Riyo Takahashi, Ai Chino, Yui Horie, Aio Toyosaki

    Kazuma Sato, who loves games that was supposed to close the curtain of life due to a traffic accident (!?), Decided to reincarnate in a different world with the goddess Aqua. `` A longing adventure in a different world like an RPG game ...

  • 78ball

    Ball spell

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Sports animation ranking 44th
    Voice actor:
    Kaori Maeda, Satomi Amano, Ruriko Noguchi, Mari Hashimoto, Airi Nagano, Rina Kitagawa, Mito Tomita ...

    "Kyuei" is a popular manga that has been popularly serialized in Houbunsha "Manga Time Kirara Forward" (author: Mountain Pukuichi), and is currently published up to five volumes of comics. The stage of the work is Shinkoshigaya High School, Saitama Prefecture. Takeda Yomi, who entered this spring, reunited with her childhood friend, Tamaki Yamazaki. Together with their friends, they will revive the baseball team that has been stopped again and aim for the whole country. It is a youth women's baseball story, depicting the struggle of the newly born Shinkoshigaya High School Baseball Club. The animation production is "sutudio A-CAT" which works on "Frame Arms Girl" and "Super Movable Girl 1/6". Doko Machida, who works on many friendship works between girls, such as "Lucky Star", "GA Art Design Art Class", and "THE IDOLM @ STER", character design is "Blessing this wonderful world!" Koichi Kikuta is in charge. The director has been decided by Toshiki Fukushima of the "MAJOR" series.

    I've been reading manga since the beginning of my series, and I'm looking forward to anime because it's my favorite work.

    I read comics from the beginning of the series and love them, so I'm looking forward to anime.

  • 79XL boss.

    XL boss.

    Satisfaction -
    Fall 2019 TV Anime
    Love Comedy Anime Ranking 7th
    Voice actor:
    [Regular Edition] Haruki Ishitani, Shiori Izawa, Fumiyasu Shiotani [Complete Edition] Masato Kawamura, Iroha Haruno ...

    The hero of "XL Boss." (Original title: Boss's Dick is XL size!? ~ Thick tip ... it's in ...!) Is the heroine who has taken on "the monitor of a certain thing of XL size" from lack of money. Even though there is no boyfriend ...! When I thought that, the boss who was not good at it turned out to be "XL size" ...!? A very popular rare comedy that caused an "XL boom" in the teens love world. The short version will be broadcast on TOKYO MX as a regular version of the short animation, and the full version for adults with extreme scenes will be distributed as a ComicFesta animation.

  • Acertain scientific railgun T

    A Certain Scientific Railgun T

    5.00 satisfaction
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    12th in SF animation ranking
    Voice actor:
    Rina Sato, Satomi Arai, Aki Toyosaki, Kanae Ito, Anmi Asakura, Kengo Kasai, Miyu Tomita ...

    "A Certain Scientific Railgun T" is the third phase of the "A Certain Scientific Railgun" TV series. The animation director is Tatsuyuki Nagai, the series composition is Shogo Yaskawa, the animation character design is Yuichi Tanaka, the sound director is Hitoshi Akitagawa, the music is Maiko Inuchi, the OP artist is fripSide, the ED artist is Kishida Kyodan & THE Akeboshi Rockets, JCSTAFF is in charge of animation production.

    (Search) New Coronavirus Anime A Certain Scientific Railgun T # Railgun

    (Search) "Do your best" "Grease" in Chinese A collection of expressions of support and encouragement A certain scientific railgun T # railgun

    Isn't other animation possible too? A Certain Scientific Railgun T # Railgun

    How the new coronavirus affects the anime world. Choju! Chinese animation studio! A Certain Scientific Railgun T # Railgun

    7 birds separate route, 6 birds completely rebroadcast on a different schedule! The audience rating of the six birds might have been good. Pfufu. A Certain Scientific Railgun T # Railgun

  • 81 I'm waiting in that summer

    Waiting in that summer

    Satisfaction 2.94
    2012 Winter TV Anime
    Romantic comedy anime ranking # 42
    2012 anime Ranked # 11
    Voice actor:
    Haruka Tomatsu, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Naori Ishihara, Hideki Ogiwara, Yukari Tamura, Kana Asumi, Rina Hidaka

    The sky is very blue and clear. A thunder cloud gushed up enough to hide the mountain over there. That's the usual landscape of our city. But I think it was an irreplaceable summer. The boy said, "I have nothing, but I want to do something."

    I'm worried about my hometown tax payment! I'm waiting in that summer #natsumachi

    If there is a rainy season, this anime season. I'm waiting in that summer #natsumachi

    Why don't you do it with Animax? gradually. It is out of season. #Anime waiting in that summer

    This is the season for anime. #Anime waiting in that summer

     I want to ask a question! Straw waiting in that summer #anime

  • 82fractals


    Satisfaction -
    2011 Winter TV Anime
    Voice actor:
    Yu Kobayashi, Minami Tsuda, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi, Shintaro Asanuma

    With the completion of the "fractal system" that manages the world, mankind has, for the first time in history, entered an overwhelming paradise where he can live without working anymore. A millennium-the system was still alive and running, but nobody ...

  • 83Assassins Pride

    Assassins Pride

    Satisfaction -
    Fall 2019 TV Anime
    3rd in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Tomoki Ono, Tomori Kusunoki, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Rina Yabuuchi, Ayane Sakura, Maaya Uchida, Wakia ...

    Animated light novel (illustration: Ninomoto Nino) by Kei Amagi, published in January 2016 at Fantasia Bunko (KADOAKWA). The number of copies of the original is 500,000. A fantasy work in which the main character Kufa Vampir (CV. Yuki Ono) confronts the duties and fate of each other with the innocent girl Merida-Angel (CV. Tomoki Kusunoki) born of a duke family.

    It looks like it's going to be rough

    I'm worried about drawing

    It's a rainy day brother and sister

    Well, ○.

    The secret of the teacher is known

  • I can't choose the means to become a librarian who loves 84books

    I can't choose the means to become a librarian who loves books

    4.00 satisfaction
    Fall 2019 TV Anime
    Fantasy animation ranking 25th
    Voice actor:
    Yuka Iguchi, Sho Hayami, Ai Nakajima, Tomiko Orikasa, Takeshi Koyama, Mutsuko Tamura, Taketo Koyasu, Sun ...

    Originally written on the novel submission site "Let's Become a Novelist", a light novel by the same name by Kazuki Miyo who started publishing from "TO Books". A topical work that has surpassed 1 million copies in the series and won the first place (book and novel category) for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019 for "This light novel is amazing! (Treasure Island)". A college student who died shortly before becoming a librarian woke up as a soldier's daughter, Mine, in a medieval European-style world. Books are luxury items that are out of reach of the general public. "If you don't have a book, you can make your own!" Determined to make a book. Biblia fantasy for book lovers, dedicated to book lovers.

    In the second season, I want to do two cools if possible

    Another world reincarnated thing like a world masterpiece theater. It is a favorite type of story that uses science and technology to change the world, but the hero cannot empathize with himself. Impression of looking down at someone who does not know the book. I want to be a hero full of love.

    I'm sorry for the picture. Lutz's hair color is not blond, but yellow.

    I want you to continue to the end

  • 85There are dark destruction of God in my next.

    There is a dark destruction god next to me.

    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    Comedy Anime Ranking 12th
    Voice actor:
    Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, Ryohei Kimura, Tsubasa Dainaga, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Kosuke Toriumi, Ai Chino, Raw ...

    "There is a dark destruction god next to me." Is a popular comedy created by Aki Arashi, and is serialized in "Monthly Comic Gene" (KADOKAWA). The director is Atsushi Narukawa, the series composition is Natsuko Takahashi, the character design is Yuki Nakano, and the music is Kanako Haranako. Animation production is EMT Squared.

  • 86Drogledro


    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    37th in the fantasy anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Wataru Takagi, Rena Kondo, Keno Horiuchi, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Yu Kobayashi, Kengo Takanashi, Miyu Tomita, E ...

    Kyu Hayashida's "Dorohedro" (23 volumes), which has been loved for 18 years since the start of the series in 2000, has gained enthusiastic fans at home and abroad with a unique world view and has gained popularity. A shocking work that was thought to be impossible to image because of its shocking and chaotic content, a miracle TV by MAPPA who has worked on many high quality and challenging works such as "Dororo" "Zombie Land Saga" Animation has been decided. In addition to broadcasting on TOKYO MX, broadcasting on BS11 will be decided from 24:00 on Sunday, January 12, 2020, and MBS from 27:00 on January 14 (Tuesday). Pre-distribution is also planned on Netflix.

    The depiction is quite gigantic.

  • 87Detective Holmes Mrs. Hudson Hostage Case Volume / Dover Strait Air Battle

    Detective Holmes Mrs. Hudson Hostage Case Volume / Dover Strait Air Battle

    4.00 satisfaction
    1986 Summer Anime Movie
    Suspense Mystery Anime Ranking 26th
    Voice actor:
    Taichiro Hirokawa, Koki Tomita, Harumi Izuryu, Shuo Otsuka, Hiroshi Masuoka, Mitsuo Senda, Shozo Iizuka

    Mrs. Hudson's Hostage Case Mrs. Moriarty kidnaps Mrs. Hudson's view as Holmes's only weakness. However, the charming and gentle Mrs.'s personality seems to be out of order ... `` Aerial Battle in the Dover Strait '' ...

  • 88Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

    New Mobile Report Gundam W: Endless Waltz

    Satisfaction 4.50
    1997 OVA
    Robot animation ranking 40th
    Voice actor:
    Hikaru Midorikawa, Toshihiko Seki, Shigeru Nakahara, Ai Orikasa, Ryuzo Ishino, Akiko Yajima, Taketo Koyasu, Ryuta Okiayu ...
  • 89Kengan Ashura

    Kengan Ashura

    Satisfaction -
    2019 summer web animation
    3rd in Action Anime Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Tatsuo Suzuki, Cho, Joji Nakata, Yumi Uchiyama, Hayato Kaneko, Toru Inada, Junya Enoki, Namikawa ...

    Animated comics of the same name that are being distributed on the web comic magazine "Ura Sunday" and the comic application "Manga One" (both Shogakukan) (Original: Sandrovic Yabako, Draw: Dadomeon). The original is an intense battle action work that has surpassed 350 million views. The book has been published up to 26 volumes and has exceeded 1.5 million copies. He was nominated for "One million people choose this really interesting WEB comic! 2018", and he has won the first place in the male ranking. The director is Seiji Kishi, the series composition is Makoto Kamiesu, the character design is Kazuaki Morita, the music is Koji Takanashi (Team-MAX), and the animation production is in charge of LARX ENTERTAINMENT. It will be exclusively broadcast worldwide on 2Netflix in the summer of 2019. TV animation will be broadcast from January 2020.


    Expectation: Small Planning degree: Small Number of stories scheduled to be viewed: 0

  • 90Princess Rubber!

    Princess rubber!

    Satisfaction -
    2009 TV Anime
    Voice actor:
    Takushima Terashima, Ryoka Yuzuki, Megumi Toyoguchi, Emiri Kato, Yuki Matsuoka, Kaya Miyake, Kaoru Mizuhara ...

    Became a super celebrity suddenly from ordinary people! A boy who has just debuted in the social world, a gorgeous love story with a gorgeous life and lovely girls ...?

  • 91Dr. STONE

    Dr.  STONE

    Satisfaction -
    2019 Summer TV Anime
    3rd in SF animation ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yusuke Kobayashi, Shin Furukawa, Moto Sato, Yuichi Nakamura, Kana Ichinose, Aimi Numakura, Tomoaki Maeno, Village ...

    The topical work that won the second place in the “Coming Next Manga Award 2018” comic category (Original: Riichiro Inagaki, drawing: Boichi drawing) is animated under the supervision of all script authors. Character design will be performed by Yuko Iwasa, who worked as a drawing director for "D.Gray-man" and "Yowamushi Pedal". In the world of the future where humanity is almost extinct due to petrification, Chiku, a science boy with a superhuman brain who has slipped back in time from the present age, draws on the use of his knowledge to build civilization from scratch. Adventure work. Yusuke Kobayashi, a voice actor from science, will play the role of the main character, Chiku.

    It is good that there is a place where even adults can be interesting and even feel refreshed. (24 episodes) #Doctor Stone

    The production of the music was interesting and nostalgic. Gen ... (laughs) (24 episodes) # Doctor Stone

    The balance between fiction and realism is good and interesting every time. The contrast between the grand story and the real sadness was good. (Episode 17) #Doctor Stone

    Sarah Brightman is a world-class diva speaking about space travel. I think it's Lilian's model. Unlike her, Sara has declined and postponed her rights ... (16 episodes) #Doctor Stone

    It was always interesting, but this time it was particularly interesting.

  • I only want to be 92.

    I just want to get it.

    Satisfaction -
    2019 anime movie
    Love & Love Story Anime Ranking 9th
    Voice actor:
    Souma Saito, Takaki Uchiyama, Rikiya Tomizono, Yoshijo Matsuoka, Yuichiro Umehara, Yui Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji

    A high school student, Tokio and Asimo, who are disappointing but have a bad appearance, are suddenly taken to Gotota of the same school, and go to the famous young lady, Horiko, who is also a school student. Horiko lets her husband participate in "Motemen Koshien", and with that prize ...

  • 92Inari in my home.

    Inari from my home.

    Satisfaction -
    2008 TV Anime
    Comedy animation ranking 63rd
    Voice actor:
    Yuka, Yuichi Nakamura, Saori Hayami, Hiroshi Mizushima, Yu Shimamura, Yui Kano, Shizuka Ito, Dai Ono ...

    A long time ago, a great fox was worshiped by the guardian deity of the Mitsuchi family. He was a very smart fox who called his illusion and manipulated all sorts of arts freely, but he also loved the uproar. Work in a phantom that repeats too bad work to be called mischief ...

  • 94Galactic Railway Story-A Planet When Forgotten-Vol.1

    The Galactic Railway Story-A Planet When Forgotten-Vol.1

    Satisfaction -
    2007 OVA
    Voice actor:
    Naoki Yanagi, Asami Sanada, Harumi Izuryu, Akio Otsuka, Hikaru Midorikawa, Akira Ishida, Naoko Suzuki ...
  • 94If Dora (If High School Baseball Female Manager Reads Drucker's Management)

    If Dora (If a High School Baseball Female Manager Reads Drucker's Management)

    Satisfaction -
    2011 TV Anime
    Drama animation ranking 29th
    Voice actor:
    Yoko Higasa, Kana Hanazawa, Tetsuya Kakihara, Akio Suyama, Kenjiro Tsuda, Shintaro Asanuma, Akira Nakatani ...

    Minami Kawashima, the manager of the baseball team at Tokyo Metropolitan High School, declares that he has written a book titled "Management" by Dr. Drucker, a major in business administration. All to impress the best friend, Yuki Miyata who has been hospitalized. But this baseball team has a lot of problems ...

    If Dora (If a high school baseball girl manager reads Drucker's "Management") #anime Is Nakai Kun reading too?

    If Dora (If a high school baseball female manager reads Drucker's "Management") #anime No-band No-ball strategy was proposed.

    If Dora (If High School Baseball Female Manager Reads Drucker's "Management") #anime

    If Dora (If the high school baseball female manager reads Drucker's "Management") #anime Warehouse is being digested. Excellent as a how-to object.

    Kenken RX has the illusion of reading management. If Dora (If High School Baseball Female Manager Reads Drucker's "Management") #anime

  • 96fruit basket 2nd season

    Fruit basket 2nd season

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    Voice actor:
    Maika Iwami, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Yuma Uchida, Yuichi Nakamura, Rie Kugimiya, Megumi Ban, Kazuyuki Okitsu ...

    "Fruit Basket" is a popular girl manga serialized in "Hana to Yume" (Hakusensha) from 1998 to 2006 by Natsuki Takaya. In 2001, made the first TV animation for TV Tokyo. In April 2019, it was re-animated with a new staff and cast, and the 1st season was broadcast on TV Tokyo and others. The sequel, 2nd season, will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TV Osaka and others from Monday, April 6, 2020. The anime version is directed by Yoshihide Ibata, director of the 1st season, Taku Kishimoto, the series composition, and Toms Entertainment is responsible for animation production. This staff will be in the 2nd season.



    Satisfaction -
    2007 TV Anime
    Beautiful girl / Heroine anime ranking 88th
    Voice actor:
    Tomokazu Sugita, Megumi Matsumoto, Sayaka Aoki, Haruka Nagami, Yuko Goto, Miki Ito, Hitomi ...
  • 98Kingdom (3rd series)

    Kingdom (3rd series)

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    2nd in the history / war anime ranking
    Voice actor:
    Seiichi Morita, Jun Fukuyama, Rie Kugimiya, Shiro Saito, Daisuke Kusunoki, Akio Kato, Kentaro Ito, Hori ...

    "Kingdom" is a TV anime based on a manga of the same name by Yasuhisa Hara serialized in "Weekly Young Jump" (Shueisha). Set in China during the Spring and Fall Sengoku era, Shin-nobu (CV. Seiichi Morita) aims to become a great general in the world, and the young King Emishi (CV. Jun Fukuyama), who will later become Emperor It has become a Chinese War Sengoku Taiga Roman. The first series of TV anime was broadcasted in June 2012, and the second series was broadcasted in June 2013. In the third series scheduled to be broadcast from April 2020, Kenichi Imaizumi will direct the film, Noboru Takagi will be composed of the series, and Tsune Abe will work on the character design.

  • 98number24


    Satisfaction -
    Winter 2020 TV Anime
    Sports animation ranking 12th
    Voice actor:
    Kengo Kasai, Ryota Suzuki, Junichi Yanagida, Shohei Komatsu, Ayumi Murase, Yomu Tadokoro, Shinnosuke Tachibana, ...

    "Number24" is an original anime work scheduled to be broadcast in January 2020, based on Rugby's original work, draft, and rugby sent by Movic. Yukiya is the main character draft, director is Kimiya Shigeru, Leeds composition / script is Rika Nakase, character design / total drawing director is Saori Takaguchi, animation production supervisor is Shinobu Nakagawa, animation production is Yoshiki Sakamoto (AZ Creative), animation production will be in charge of PRA.

    It was more interesting than I thought.

  • 100Digimon Adventure:

    Digimon Adventure:

    Satisfaction -
    Spring 2020 TV Anime
    29th in Family & Kids Animation Ranking
    Voice actor:
    Yufuko Sanbe, Chinatsu Sakamoto, Daisuke Namikawa, Mayumi Yamaguchi, Ryoko Shiraishi, Katori Shigematsu, Yumi Kobayashi ...

    The first theatrical version was released on March 6, 1999, and the next day on March 7, the TV series started broadcasting, and various developments have been made since then. The stage is 2020. In this story, the main character, Taichi Yagami, a fifth grade elementary school student, is sent to the digital world where Digimon live and meets his partner Digimon to expand his adventure. The original draft is Akiyoshi Hongo, the series composition is Atsuhiro Tomioka, the character design is Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, and the general drawing director is Akihiro Asanuma. Animation production is handled by Toei Animation.




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