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"BEASTARS" 2nd stage


The second stage of the TV anime BEASTARS will be broadcast in 2021. It has been decided that it will be broadcast on the Fuji Television "+ Ultra" and others. At the same time, the role of Free (Indian Lion) of the Shishi group has been decided by Subaru Kimura . Comments from Kimura also arrived.

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"BEASTARS" is, Itagaki TomoeTome is being serialized in "Weekly Shonen Champion" "animal version of the" human drama comics. Starting with the first place in the "Manga Award 2018", it has swept many awards, including four major manga awards. The first phase of the anime was broadcast from October 2019.
The stage is a world where carnivores and herbivores coexist. In the wake of the alpaca slaughter at the boarding school `` Cherryton Gakuen, '' a gray wolf regoshi and a variety of animals are weaving while suffering from various problems such as discrimination, love and weakness. It is.

The free (Indian lion) played by Subaru Kimura, announced this time, is a member of the Shishi group, an organization that partitions the back market. In the second stage, the story centered on the Shishi-gumi will be developed, so together with the Shibumi-gumi Ibuki (Masai lion) played by Daisuke Kusunoki, I would like to pay attention to their relationship and success as well as the continuation of the story.

The second season of the TV anime “BEASTARS” will be broadcast on Fuji TV “+ Ultra” and others in 2021.

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Subaru Kimura: Shishi-Gumi Free

Part The Shishi-Gumi , which is also the key to the second phase, has a great impact. And I am happy to be able to play a free one of those members, and I am very happy now.
What is lionness? What is the feeling of being in the back society? I want to do it while doing my own research.
We hope you enjoyed the second term of "BEASTARS"! Exclusive distribution on

TV anime "BEASTARS" Phase 2

<Broadcast and distribution information>
Phase 1 Netflix!
Phase 2 2021 To be broadcast on Fuji TV "+ Ultra" and more!

Original: Itaru Itagaki (serialized in "Weekly Shonen Champion" Akita Shoten)
Director: Shinichi Matsumi
Screenplay: Nanami Higuchi
Character Design: Nao Otsu 
CG Chief Director: Moto Eiji Ino
Art Director: Minami Kasuga 
Color Design: Ken Hashimoto
Photography Director :蔡伯崙
eDIT: Junichi Uematsu 
Music: Akatsuki Shinto (MONACA)
production: Orange

Regoshi: Chikahiro Kobayashi
Hull: Senbongi Ayaka
Louis: Yuki Ono
Juno: Atsumi Tanezaki
Jack: Enoki AtsushiWataru
Miguno: Uchida Stallion
roller: Otsuka TsuyoshiHisashi
Durham: Naoto Kobayashi
Boss: Yoshiyuki Shimozuma
Kai: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Sanu: Fukutsugu Ochiai
Building: Takaaki Torashima
Ells: Sayumi Watanabe
Dome: Genki Muro
Millet: Yuichi Iguchi
Shiira: Yuko Hara
Aoba: Ikuto Kanemasa
Ellen: Akane Ouchi
Mizuchi: Hibiki Yamamura
Legum: Sakura
Andou Gouhin: Akio Otsuka
Mayor: Mitsuaki Hoshino
Oguma: Yoshio Horiuchi
Ibuki : Daisuke Kusunoki
Free: Subaru Kimura




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