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"Lapis Relights"TV animation first PV release


The first TV animation PV of the media mix project "Lapis Relights-Idols in this world can use magic-" (hereinafter "Lapis Relights") has been released. It is possible to confirm the appearance of girls dreaming of becoming a fine witch as anime.

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"Lapis Relights" is a media mix project with the theme of "magic" x "idol" sent by KLab and KADOKAWA.
The stage is Maumkester, a town where shine sand and its crystal, kissite, have become popular. Girls who use magic sand and pyroxene to activate magic with spells and melodies are called witches, singing and defeating monsters, and attracting people's longing.
Flora Jogakuin is a school where witch apprentices founded by the witch of the dawn gather. A girl, Tiara , dreaming of becoming a fine witch, hits the gate of the school.

This time, the first PV of “ Lapis Re: LiGHTs ”, a TV animation work, has been released. It is a video unique to anime, which will be waiting for the broadcast of 2020.

TV anime "Lapis Re: LiGHTs (Rapisuriraitsu)" program outline

[broadcast time]
broadcast schedule 2020
[Cast (titles omitted)]
Tiara Auditor-Yukari Anzai, Rosetta Officer Lisa Kubota, Ravi Auditor-Mukai莉生, Ashley Auditors・
Iori Saeki, Lynette ・ Mizuki Yamamoto
Emilia Auditor-Hazuki Hoshino, alpha Auditor-Ling in the Tomomi, salsa role Shinohara侑, garnet role Yoko
This flower maiden
pink auditors, this Rina Izumi, camellia Officer Suzuki Alisa, maple role Ohno yuzu Nunoko
Ratura Auditor-Hayase Yukihitsuji, Shanpe role Hirose Johanna, Mary Berry Auditor-Hikaru Akao
Sadistic ★ Candy
Angelica Auditor-Yuka Amemiya, Rukiferu Officer Matsuda ToshiSae
Yue Auditor-Sakuragi evening, millefeuille Auditor-back ShaEiko, Fiona Role: Haruka Ito Role of Eliza,
Kana Hanazawa, Role of Chloe , Aino Nanjo, Role of Anju, Yuka Amemiya, Role of Camilla, Sumire Uesaka
, Role of Yuzuriha, Ayane Sakura

Director: Hiroyuki Hata
Series composition: Kazuki Tsuchida / Asano Hajime
Anime Character Design / Total Animation Director: Tarou Ikegami
Prop Design: Etsunori Iwanaga
Art Setting: Takashi Miyano
Art Director Director: Yoichiro Yamamoto
Color Design: Yuichi Furuichi
CG Director: Takuji Goto (Tri-Slash)
Cinematographer: Kazuya Iwai (Studio Shamrock)
Editor: Kentaro Tsubone (Realty)
Music: Satoshi Takano
Acoustic Director: Ryosuke Naya
Sound Production: Studio Mouse
Production Studio: Yokohama Animation Lab




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