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Singer debuts from cosplayers. How did Liyuu catch his dream?


There are cosplayers who have fulfilled their dream of becoming a singer.

In recent years, cosplayers have performed in a wide variety of fields, including gravure magazines, variety shows, and commercials. However, fulfilling the dream of becoming a singer as a cosplayer is tremendous.

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Liyuu at the fan meeting held on December 15, 2019 [Click on the image to go to the photo gallery]
Liyuu (@ Liyu0109) currently has more than 1.6 million SNS followers and is a Japanese entertainment agency. Horipro International ". After participating in cosplay at the Comic Market (C91) in the winter of 2016, it quickly gained popularity in Japan because of its cuteness.
On January 22, 2020, the theme song " Magic Words " for the TV anime " Hatena Illusion " was released and debuted as a singer. Liyuu is particularly popular as a cosplayer in Japan, but the singer is unknown. She asked how she got her singer's debut while reviewing her career as a cosplayer. --How did you start cosplaying? Liyuu: When I was in junior high school, I was searching for my favorite anime online and found a cosplayer photo. Until then, I didn't know anything about cosplay, but I was really drawn into it. So I thought, "I want to do it!" I became a high school student and cosplayed with my friends and participated in the event.

Ilya "Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya" / "Comic Market 97" [Click on the image to go to the photo gallery]
--What was your first cosplay?

Liyuu: "K-ON! Hirasawa Yui-chan. My friend also said, "K-ON! Akiyama Mio-chan was a participant.

――Did you successfully cosplay?

Liyuu: No, I was bad. In high school, makeup was banned, so I did my first makeup in cosplay, and at the time it was difficult to get cosplay wigs and color contacts.
Still, at the first event I had a photographer take a picture ... but I couldn't get a photo because I couldn't get any more thank you for saying, "Thank you."

-Was Japanese anime familiar to Liyuu who was born and raised in Shanghai?

Liyuu: I've been watching anime since kindergarten. There are many animations, such as “Cardcaptor Sakura,” which I watched on TV, and I came to like it without knowing it was a Japanese work.
I began to watch Japanese anime consciously from the fifth grade of elementary school. I watched it a lot because it was distributed in a lot of video.

――What kind of anime do you like?

Liyuu: You emphasize the story. From about the fifth grade of elementary school, I began to watch Japanese anime such as Shugo Chara! And Katekyo Hitman REBORN! After all, "K-ON!", Which I watched in the first grade of junior high school, is an anime that still has a deep feeling.

――You started to regularly participate in events in Shanghai even after your cosplay debut. After you entered university, you started participating in the Japanese comic market (C91).

Liyuu: Yes. For the first time in Japan, I participated in cosplay at the event. Japan was the beginning of animation culture, so I really admired it.
One of the anime works I was watching was Tokyo Big Sight, the venue for Comiket, so I always wanted to go there.
I was so excited and went around a lot of circles. However, I was sorry that I got lost and I couldn't buy much doujinshi.

――Are there any differences from the Chinese event when you participated in the comic market?

Liyuu: After all, there is a changing room and you have to change clothes at the venue. In China, it is natural to change clothes at home and then head to the venue. And the photographer is taking a picture side by side. In China, it's basically boxing.
I participated in a Japanese event for the first time, but since I created a Twitter account two months before my participation, I was able to receive many photos.

――I think you liked music because you loved “K-ON!”, But when you were active as a cosplayer, when did you start dreaming of becoming a singer?

Liyuu: The singer is a dream that is too far away, so I never thought of aiming for it.
However, since I was a junior high school student, I loved anime songs with the theme of "songs" and sang a lot, but when I was in high school I recorded them in a recording studio and distributed them in "Bili-bili videos". However, the number is also small.

――Did you not tell Japanese fans that you wanted to be a singer?

Liyuu: On Twitter, he didn't explicitly say he wanted to be a singer, but he wrote "I like songs" in the profile column. I always liked singing. So, thanks to cosplay, many people in Japan were able to get to know me, and even at work, I was able to convey my desire to do songs because I like anime.

-In 2019, you sang a game insert song by character siren in the action RPG for smartphone " Dragalia Lost ", but is this debut song different again?

Liyuu: At the time of Dragalia Lost, there were character settings, so I imagined myself to be closer to the character and sang as a character.
This time it was an original song, so I sang it to express my feelings. This song is perfect for the world view of the TV anime "Hatena Illusion" and has an image of a fluffy magical world.

――Did you have any difficulties practicing singing?

Liyuu: After all, these are Japanese lyrics. When I was a high school student, I sang while tracing the sound without reading Japanese, but since I studied Japanese a lot in the past year, now I can understand the meaning properly and sing with emotion. became.

――What was your first impression of the song at the fan meeting?

Liyuu: I felt really good. I was glad that there were many faces of people who supported me and came to see me.

――I'm glad that the majority of fans have been supporting Liyuu as a cosplayer. On the other hand, being a singer has reduced shooting opportunities, and some people say, "I'm sad because I've gone far away ...". What do you think about it?

Liyuu: I feel surprised when I became a singer. There are many people who support me as usual, but I understand that some people want to support me only as a cosplayer.
But "singer" and "cosplayer" are both me. I would be happy if you could support me trying out new things if I could, and I would be glad if you could also know me new.

Certainly, I was busy preparing as a singer, and I may have less opportunities to interact and shoot with my fans. However, I think that there will be more opportunities to interact with fans at future release events etc. than before. . So I want you to look forward to it.

[Click on the image to go to the photo gallery]
――Does the expression change between cosplay and song?

Liyuu: The cosplay is fun and close to the anime characters, and I feel like I'm changing myself. When I sing, I feel like I'm expressing my thoughts out of the way.

――Finally, as a singer, what kind of challenge do you want to try next time?

Currently, there are only a few original songs, so I'd like to play live when more songs are added. I want many people to listen to various songs. I would be glad if you supported me both as a cosplayer and as a singer!



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