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First appearance of anime video `` The Irregular at Magic High School ''


The first PV that will be the first appearance of the new key visual and animation video of the second term `` The Irregular at Magic High School Visitors '' of the TV animation `` The Irregular at Magic High School '' broadcast from July 22, The ban was lifted.

[Video] Miyuki "Your brother ...", the first PV

new key visual in which the strongest brothers and sisters fight , Tatsuya Shiba, U.S. Army which is an important character of the visitor edition, as opposed to Miyuki Shiba Angelina Kudou Shields, the captain of the strongest magician unit Stars. Also, from the first stage, familiar Tatsuya's classmates, Erica Leo, Mizuki, Mikihiko, Honoka, Shizuku, as well as other drawn characters will also be involved in the story. It has become.

In the first PV, you can see the powerful battle scenes of Tatsuya, Miyuki, Angelina-Kudo-Shields, and Angie Sirius.

Set in a world where magic has been established as a technology, the story describes the days of the ups and downs of a pair of siblings and friends who attend a so-called “magic high school”. Based on the original novel, Tsutomu Sajima and illustration, Kana Ishida, the popular novel The Irregular at Magic High School has exceeded 15 million copies in the series, and there are many media mixes such as TV animation, theater animation, comicalize, games Has been deployed.

In the second phase, which will be broadcast five years after the first phase of TV anime, the story of the brother and sister is upset by the appearance of Lina .... The strongest siblings challenge invincible visitors.

Tatsuya Shiba: Yuichi Nakamura
Miyuki Nanami: Saori Hayami
Angelina-Kudo = Shields: Yoko Hikasa
Erika Chiba: Yuumi Uchiyama
Saijo Leonhardt: Takuto Terashima
Mizuki Shibata: Satomi Satoh Mikihisa
Yoshida: Atsushi Tamaru
Mitsui Mitsui: Amemiya heaven
Kitayama drop: Yuiko Tatsumi
herbs Mayumi: Kana Hanazawa
Mali Watanabe: Marina Inoue
Katsuhito Jumonji: Junichi Suwabe




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