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Anipure's new work "Single Doriva of the wings"


It has been decided that Aniplex's new original anime "Single Doriva of the Wings" will be broadcast as a TV anime from July. At the same time, information on the 2nd teaser visual, synopsis, characters, and fighters have been lifted.

[Image] The hero is a blonde beauty! The detailed visuals of

 the characters and fighters are animations set in the sky. The "pillar" suddenly appeared on the earth and became a threat to all life. It was the existence of a god who called himself "Odin" to reach out to mankind who had to be driven into it.

As a way to fight Pillar, Odin gave humanity a war maiden "Valkyrie" and a heroic wing to their wings, and declared a counterattack. In the years following the battle between humans and the pillars, Japan was no exception. The three war maidens, who stand against the sacred mountain Fuji and face the giant pillars, are all good at arms, but they are all problem children. There, a translator Ali's ace pilot comes from Europe ...

 Appearing characters are Claudia Braford, Rokusha Miyako, Komagome Azuzu, Watarai Sonoka, and they are depicted in the teaser visuals. In addition, the novelization of the same work has been decided, and "Wing of the Sigurdriva Rusalka (above)" will be released on May 1, ahead of the animation broadcast.

The staff is Tatsuhei Nagatsuki who is known for the series composition and screenplay "Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero", the character draft is "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid" Mr. Takuya Fujima, the world view setting and setting review Takaaki Suzuki of "Girls & Panzer" is in charge.




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