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Let's send the popular article ranking of Animage Plus again this time.
The aggregation period is from March 12, 2020 to March 18, 2020.

The coronavirus problem has yet to be signaled.
The crowded trains in Tokyo are not without the feeling of a slight increase in people, but self-restraint movements such as events continue.
Because of the tendency of movies to focus on mobilization of start dash, the release of new movies has been postponed throughout the whole company.

On the other hand, free release of various videos and comics for a limited time is also continuing.
Amabie's popularity on Twitter, which was introduced last time, is also continuing. It seems that some products are being commercialized.

I hope you will keep your heart and mind while washing your hands and gargle.

Then count down from 20th to 10th!

<March 12th to March 18th>
[20th place]
Chance to get original goods such as demon and Haikyuu! "Jump Fair in Animate 2020" held
[19th place]
Asked manga artist Hattori Hatari about [ Comicalization from Ranobe ]
[18th place]
Delicious and intense ♪ "Sumiko Gura Shikabako" newly released from Kibun!
[17th place]
Secret of "Clover wish" jacket! It was actually an emo jacket!
[16th place] The
stage is Karafuto! The third season of “Golden Kamui” animation will start broadcasting from October! A campaign where the original can of Koto Toru of "White Lover" can also be won
A collaboration where many menus expressing the world view of "Osomatsu-san" appears!
"Maggia Records" Collaboration Walkman & Headphones Order Now Available! Hear the wish of a magical girl!
[13th place] The
first game of "Devil Blade"! 2 big game projects in progress!
Timeless masterpiece "Dragon Quest Die's Great Adventure" Completely new animation decided in the fall of 2020, game conversion is also in progress!
[11th place]
Kanamori's reversal in the pinch of the video lab !? The episode 11 "Each existence!" Preceding cut release

20th to 11th ranks are evenly populated with information on popular titles.
Outstanding among them is the 19th place interview article. The theme of the work was not yet animated, and the interest of the article rather than the name of the work may have attracted readers' interest.
The article is easy to read on one page, so if you haven't seen it, please read it.

Interesting are the articles on ChamJam, the 17th place of "Shibu Martial Arts", and the article on 12th, "The Great Adventure of the Die".
ChamJam's February 14th, "The Great Adventure of the Die" is a relatively old article published last December 21st.
"Die's Adventures" is actually a new article ranked above the 10th place, and it seems that the number of related articles has increased.

ChamJam, on the other hand, didn't have any top articles to lead.
Because of the popularity of "Shushin Martial Arts" throughout Animage Plus, it may be that the number of "Memo" articles that are often linked to related articles has increased in number.

It has nothing to do with rankings, but let's send a little deals.

On the TAKARA TOMY channel on YouTube, all the episodes of the Transformer series anime "Transformers Cyberverse" are being released on a permanent basis.
Also now, for a limited time, "Beast Wars Super Life Transformer", which was a huge hit in the late 1990s, is also available in full episodes (1 to 26 episodes). It is a legendary work that has been popular since then and has become a super-great voice actor.

In any case, you can jump to a playlist that you can easily browse by searching for "TF channel".

Now, countdown from 10th to 1st!

<March 12-March 18>
From "ONE PIECE", Luffy and Rho's red stamp will appear as a custom-made product!
[09th place]
"Dragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure" Became a Blu-ray BOX after about 30 years!
Parker using mica drawstring and original illustration of "Inuyasha"!
[07] [
Jump Fair in Animate ] Demon blades, Hiroaka, and other special offers!
Launch of the 2nd and 3rd collaboration visuals with TV anime "Drohedro" and "Zombie Land Saga" at 6:06:06 PM on Friday, 13th!
Voice actor unit "TrySail" by Asakura Momo, Amamiya Ten, Natsukawa Shiina Special release commemorative special release decision!
[04th] The
protagonist is also enthusiastic so as not to be caught! "Kamen Rider X" Blu-ray release memory! Ryo Hayami & Kazuo Niibori Coverage Report !!
[03rd place]
"Kamen Rider Magazine 2020" is packed with unpublished steel photographs of the editorial department!
Amuro and Azusa are also keys ?? "Target (target) is the Metropolitan Police Department Transportation Department (2)" pre-cut & synopsis from "Detective Conan"
Depart! Enjoyable travel !! In the

top ranks of "Mobile Suitcase" released by Zeon & Char , the articles of Kamen Rider and Gundam Collaboration's "Mobile Suitcase", which were ranked high last week, have remained.
Among them, the one that cut into the second place is the latest story preceding cut & synopsis of "Detective Conan". The name of Amuro, which is particularly popular in recent years, may have caught the reader's attention.

The most interesting article was "Droghedro", which ranked sixth. I collaborated with "Zombie Land Saga" for no particular purpose because the production company is the same, and there is no "Zonsaga" character in the main anime! It is information of a project that is extremely chaotic.
"Droghedro," which is airing late on Sundays in a fierce battlefield where there is time lag with other works, the articles came to the top of the list later in the quarter.
Will "Droghedro" be ranked next time? It's still… in chaos. That is the ranking!

How was this ranking? So look forward to the next ranking.




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