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"Eva" Vocal song selection CD


As part of the "Evangelion" series anniversary project, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the 1995 TV series' first broadcast, the jacket photo of the vocal music selection CD "EVANGELION FINALLY" released on May 13 and some of the recorded songs were released.

The artwork of the jacket depicts the popular character Rei Ayanami that appears in the series, and is also used to design the "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version" Mbichike card, which will be released on June 27, which will be included in the limited edition. The songs include "Cruel Angel's Thesis" by Yoko Takahashi ("Neon Genesis Evangelion" opening theme song), "Riflan of the Soul" ("Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie version Sito Shinsei" theme song), and Hayashibara as Ray Megumi's "Goodbye Today," "Tsubasa Osamu" ("Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Break" insert song) and other lineups. A new record with self-cover by Takahashi, as well as a track arrangement, "FLY ME TO THE MOON 2020", "Return to the Primitive Heart 2020" and bonus tracks are also planned.

The limited edition with "EVANGELION FINALLY" movie card is 4900 yen, and the limited edition is 3000 yen (excluding tax). Some stores also offer original benefits, such as double pocket ticket files for Animate, microfiber coasters for Gamers, and round can badges for Toranoana.




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