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It has become clear that singer Takashi Ikeda's solo project "Lexi" is taking on a voice actor for the first time with "Movie Crayon Shin-chan Clash! Laguga Kingdom and Almost Four Braves".

This movie, which will be the 28th edition of the movie, is a story in which the chosen hero Shinnosuke struggles to save the kingdom Laguga Kingdom, which uses the earth's doodles as an energy source, from the danger of extinction. The kingdom of Lakga Kingdom, which is suffering from lack of energy due to the reduction of scribbles, begins to invade the ground with fate. Shinnosuke, given the treasure “Miracle Crayon” where his paintings move, stands with “almost four heroes” to save the world.

Lexi, who is working on the movie theme song "Gigaai Citel" for the first time in the same work, is based on the concept of Japanese history, and the unique performance of waving rice ears as a standard of live performances is gaining popularity. The theme song was inspired by the oldest manga in Japan called “Bird and Beast Caricatures”. What Lexi plays is the Minister of Food (brother). The unique role of being a hot dog and a car. "Super cool!" Is said to be a habit in a setting in which he or she does not consider the food situation of the king with his cook's brother.

Leisure wrote haniwa “Rakugaki”

Leisure wrote haniwa “Rakugaki”

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After recording, Lexi recalled, "It was difficult because it was my first voice actor challenge, but I enjoyed it with the guidance of Director Kyogoku!" In addition, Lexi's self-written Haniwa “Rakugaki” was also unveiled for the first time. He says he will appear in the play, saying, "I wrote my favorite Haniwa. I seemed to be able to participate in the work, and I was happy." , Lexi doesn't disappoint with the doodles, too!

The movie "Crayon Shin-chan Clash! Laguga Kingdom and Almost Four Braves", featuring actor Yuki Yamada, singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and imitation talent Apple-chan, will be released nationwide from April 24.




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