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"Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045" and Fashion Magazine Collaborate


The collaboration between Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045, which will be exclusively distributed on Netflix worldwide from April as the first full 3DCG work in the Ghost in the Shell series, and the fashion magazine HIGHSNOBIETY JAPAN has been decided.

The collaboration will feature the opening feature of “HIGHSNOBIETY JAPAN” 04, “Mennium parade”, which will cover the opening theme song “Fly with me” in addition to the directors Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki. A roundtable discussion of five members, Daiki Tsuneda (King Gnu), Shu Sasaki, and Yuhei Kobe (PERIMETRON), will be posted with photos taken. The five members also have talk sessions on the DVD that comes with the "Fly with me" CD released on April 22.

`` HIGHSNOBIETY JAPAN '' No. 04 has two types, a regular version with Tsutenda decorating the cover, and a limited edition of the cover that co-starred with Tachikoma and Tachikoma, a multi-legged thinking tank that can be called the face of the `` Ghost in the Shell '' series Released. The cover design of the limited edition is handled by the creative group "PERIMETRON" who is involved in "millennium parade" and "King Gnu". The price is 1500 yen each (excluding tax), and the limited edition is available only at some Tower Records stores and Amazon.

Tower Records, Amazon, HMV & BOOKS online will distribute postcards with the same pattern as the cover, as well as regular and limited editions, as purchase benefits. At the Tower Records Shibuya store and the Tower Records Machida store, large panel exhibitions with the same cut as the cover are also planned.




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