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Airborne Dragons (KUTEI DORAGONZ) (Japanese anime)



An animated version of “Airborne Dragons” serialized by Koichi Kuwahara on Kodansha “good! Afternoon,” which will be broadcast on “+ Ultra” from January 2020. Naohiro Yoshida, "Tady", the deputy director of "Knight of Sidonia's Ninth Planet Campaign" and "BLAME!", Dramatically depicts polite character in the beautiful and magnificent fantasy world. Series composition and screenplay include Makoto Kamiesu, who writes many popular works such as "Assassination Classroom" and "Arslan Senki", and Miwa Iwanami of "Spider-Man: Spider Bath" and "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath" series as sound directors. Polygon Pictures is in charge of animation production. The staff of "Knights of Sidonia" and "BLAME!" Reconvene, fascinating the overwhelming world of high fantasy.

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 8, 2020-
Production company:Polygon PicturesGenre:Fantasy

Voice actor: Tomoaki Maeno , heaven Amemiya , Sōma Saitō , Kana Hanazawa , Junichi Suwabe , Tomokazu Seki , Takahiro Sakurai , Toriumi Kosuke , Rie Kugimiya , Kentaro Kumagai , Makoto Furukawa , Takashi Matsuyama , Takeuchi Shun輔 , Uemura YuSho , Chinatsu Akasaki , Enoki Junya , Kazuhiko Inoue , Hiroo Sasaki

staff: Director: Yoshihira "Tady" Naohiro, Series Composition / Screenplay: Above ... View all

Dragon of the sky, Dragon. Its existence was a threat and disaster for many terrestrial people, as well as a “treasure trove” of value for medicine, oil and food. There was an entity that hunted the dragon. Control the dragon boat, run in the sky, hunt dragons and travel. They are "Orochi catchers". This is the story of one of them, the "Quin Zaza" and its crew.

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