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"When Higurashi is out" Broadcast starts in July


It was revealed that the new anime produced as a new project for the popular game "Higurashi no Nijiro" is a TV anime that started broadcasting in July. In addition, additional casts such as Yukino Satsuki (Yukino May), additional staff including director Keiichiro Kawaguchi, and the first PV have been released.

The work is produced by Akio Watanabe, who is known for the <story> series for character design, Pashone of "Heterogeneous Reviewers" for animation production, Soichiro Hoshi as the main character Keiichi Maehara and Mai Nakahara as Lena Ryumiya as Studio Dean It has already been announced that it will be the next cast in the same role as the anime version of.

The additional casts recently announced are Yukino Satsuki, who plays the role of Mion Sonozaki and Shion, Mika Nana, who plays the role of Satoko Hojo, and Yukari Tamura, who plays the role of Rika Kote. As with Hoshi and Nakahara, it will be a follow-up from the Studio Dean version.

The director is Keiichiro Kawaguchi of "ISLAND", the series composition is Hayashi Naoki, and the music is Kenji Kawai. In the first PV, you can listen to the lines of the five casts, backed by music by Kenji Kawai.

"Higurashi no Circa" is a sound novel game produced by Doujin Circle's 07th Expansion, with Dragon Knight 07 acting as director, screenwriter and character designer. It depicts tragedies such as disappearances and continuous mysterious deaths that occur in Samurai and Hinamizawa, and the efforts of boys and girls to avoid them, such as Keiichi Maehara. In addition to being animated on TV series in 2006-07 and OVA in 2009 and 2011, it has also been turned into live-action movies and TV dramas.



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