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TV Anime Phase 2 “Working Cell !!”


It was announced that the 2nd stage of the TV anime "Working Cell" will start broadcasting in January 2021 entitled "Working Cell !!" In addition, PV and key visuals were released.

"Working Cell" is a manga work by Akane Shimizu serialized in Monthly Shonen Sirius (Kodansha). It is an anthropomorphic fantasy that depicts a drama of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and other cells that are constantly working in the body. A TV anime was aired from July 2018, and production for the second phase has also been decided.


This time, it was announced that the 2nd stage of the TV anime "Working Cell" will start TV broadcasting from January 2021 entitled "Working Cell !!" In addition, PV and key visuals were released.

"Working cells !!", the second phase, is a sequel to the first phase, in which red blood cells and other cells work for the body.

In addition, from September 5, 2020 (Sat), the episode of the original comic volume 5 drawn in the second phase will be ahead of TV on air [Special screening version "Working cell !!" The strongest enemy again. “Intestinal” fuss inside the body! ], It was announced that a theater screening will take place.

[Work information]

■ TV animation "Working Cell !!"
<Broadcast time>
January 2021

■ First PV

This is your story. The story of your body.

The number of human cells, about 37 trillion (new).
The cells work in the world of the body well and without a break today.
Red blood cells carrying oxygen, white blood cells fighting bacteria ...
there was a drama of unknown cells.
The new standard of anthropomorphic things, the
popular anime "Working Cell", the second phase of TV animation!

An anthropomorphic story of body cells that everyone can sympathize with


■ Special screening version "Working Cell !!" “Intestinal” fuss inside the body!
- Screening time: September 5, 2020 (Sat) screenings start

■ news flash

Original work: Akane Shimizu (serialized in Kodansha "Monthly Shonen Sirius")
Director: Hirofumi Ogura
Series composition / Screenplay: Yuko Kakihara
Character design: Takahiko Yoshida
Sub-character design: Keiko Tamaki
Bacterial character design Prop design: Kenta Mimuro
Total drawing director : Takahiko Yoshida, Keiko Tamaki, Masaru Kitao
Art Director: Yuho Hosoi (Studio Chulip)
Art Setting: Yudai Sono
Color Design: Aiko Mizuno
Photography Director: Yuki Oshima
3DCG Director: Norihito Ishii
Editor: Kiyoshi Hirose (editz )
Acoustic director: Hitoshi Akada
Acoustic production: Magic capsule
music: Kenichiro Suehiro, MAYUKO
Animation producer: Go Wakamatsu
Animation production: david production
Production: Aniplex, Kodansha, david production

Red blood cells: Kana Hanazawa
white blood cells (neutrophils): Tomoaki Maeno   
Killer T cells: Daisuke Ono
Macrophages: Kikuko Inoue      
Platelets: Maria
Nagananarration: Mamiko Noto 
General cells: Yusuke Kobayashi
Cancer cells: Akira Ishida and others




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