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Haruka Sadano's “Devil's Blade”


NMB48 Haruka Sadano challenges her first cosplay. The heroine of the popular manga "Devil's Blade" by Yoyoharu Agotoge's heroine, Mameko Neko, was shown.

 Sadano is a 17-year-old member who was unveiled in July 2018 as the sixth graduate of NMB48. On March 17th, she posted a photo dressed as “Nezuko of the Demon Blade” on Instagram and other websites. He himself commented a little confidently, "I just tried it with a sense of impetus ...", but I felt that he was particular about the color of his eyes, even though it was perfectly matched to Nezuko. Fans gave praise comments such as "The quality is really high!", "Cute Shock Don ♪", "Collaboration between Pushers", "Blood Art: Baku Kawai".

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 Oniki no Hana " After that, Sadano said, "Everybody! And updated the blog. In the past, a fan told me "Real Nezuko Yan", and she revealed that she had challenged this cosplay. It seemed to be the first cosplay for Sadano, saying, "I was nervous. (Laughs) I was nervous until the moment I posted it, and I couldn't understand why my mom said," Know me! Post it! " She said, "Looking at it (laughs)," she said, "I felt like I was able to enter the manga world aside from the quality, and it was really fun." "It's really nice because you can become a different person and look different from yourself," she said. "When the handshake event is resumed, I'll be sure to have Nekoko-chan cosplayed, so please by all means. Please come to love! "

 "Devil's Blade" is a popular manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, and the anime broadcasted for half a year from April 2019 is a huge hit. Even after the broadcast, the popularity of the book continues to be dominant, and sales of book titles dominate the rankings, and not only cosplayers but also the entertainment world are trying to cosplay the main characters.




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