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"BLEACH" Final Chapter


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "BLEACH," the final chapter, "The Millennium Blood War," which has not been animated, has been decided to be animated. Also, as part of this "BLEACH" 20th anniversary project, "BLEACH" original picture exhibition has been decided to be held. At the same time, comments from Taito Kubo, the original author, also arrived."BLEACH" logo [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]"BLEACH" is a comic by Taito Kubo that was serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" from 2001 to 2015. Cumulative circulation has exceeded 120 million. The "Mixed Blood Series", which was decided to be animated this time, is the final chapter of "BLEACH", which will be animated for the first time after eight years since the end of the TV animation of the old series. This is a climax of this work that depicts the connection between the Reaper and Quincy for a thousand years and the unknown roots of the hero, Ichigo Kurosaki. Also, in the winter of 2021, the first "BLEACH Genga. Exhibition" will be held. Color illustrations and numerous famous scenes drawn during the 15 years of "BLEACH" will be exhibited.

"BLEACH" logo (C) Taito Kubo / Shueisha

In August 2021, a special video was released at the start of the 20th anniversary project of "BLEACH," which celebrates its 20th anniversary. The new series "BURN THE WITCH" by Kubo Taito and an introduction of a new animation based on it will be announced, so if you are a fan please check it out.

The broadcast time of the final chapter of the anime "BLEACH" "Million Year Blood Battle" is currently undecided. In addition, I would like to wait for further details such as the timing and venue of the "BLEACH Genga. Exhibition".

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Comments on Kubo Taito's "BLEACH" 20th Anniversary Project Launch

I guess it's been announced that they are all together, and everyone has forgotten about half of them.
I've forgotten about half of it and am now rewriting this comment.
Well, the last chapter of "BLEACH" wasn't good because I didn't go to the last chapter while doing anime. It was like that, but I came here and animated.
I heard that "BLEACH" is the 20th anniversary. Thank you.
Moreover, he seems to be able to do even the "BLEACH" exhibition. Thanks for the 20th anniversary.
The sentence up to this point is like other people's affairs, because only the large scale of "I'll do it on a large scale!"
That's right, I chose some casts of the Knights of the Star Cross. It was fun.




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