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Fictional reasoning (KYOKOH SUIRI) (Japanese anime)



"Fictional Reasoning" written by Kyo Shirohira of "Spiral" and "Zenen no Tempest" is a light novel released in 2011 by Kodansha Novell as a novel "Fictional Reasoning Steel Man Nanase" (illustration by Hiro Kiyohara). Kotoko Iwanaga, the hero who became the "god of wisdom" of the monsters and youkai, and Kuro Sakuragawa, who became immortal after eating the meat of the monster, faced a mysterious incident. A mysterious battle x mystery mystery. The director of the TV anime version is Keiji Goto, `` Kiddy Grade '' `` End Ride '', the series composition is `` Golden Kamuy '' `` Die Neue These Legends '' Noboru Takagi, Character designTotal drawing director Takashi Honda San. Animation production will be performed by Brains Base.

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 11, 2020-
Production company:Brains BaseGenre:Suspense Mystery

Voice actor: Akari Kito , Mamoru Miyano , Misato Fukuen , Sumire Uesaka , Kenji Hamada , Mayumi Sako , Yoshimitsu Shimoyama , Kaori Motoyama, Manami Hanawa, Hiroki Goto , Yuki Miyata , Reina Maeda , Norio Tobita , Yu Onami

staff: Director: Keiji Goto, Series Composition: Noboru Takagi, Character ... View All

Koro Iwanaga, a girl who has become the god of wisdom of the ghosts and solves the troubles that come from the ghosts every day, fell in love at first sight with Kuro Sakuragawa, a man who was even afraid of the ghost! Two unusual people confront the mysterious incidents caused by the "ghosts" [Love x Legend x Mystery] !!

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