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 The animation of the new "BURN THE WITCH" by Taito Kubo of "BLEACH" has been decided. It turned out that it will be released as a theater animation in the fall of 2020.

The BURN THE WITCH, a story about the struggle of two young witches, published in the 2018 WJ 50th Anniversary issue, will be serialized in a series this week at "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha). In addition, this time, the work will be animated as "Theatrical Animation".

 The stage is London, the front and back world. It is a fantasy action in which two witches move endlessly against the dragon, which is an elaborate existence, and the elaborate world view drawn by Mr. Kubo.

 This time, animated animation is announced, and teaser visuals, teaser PVs, main staff casts, characters, etc. are also lifted.


 Produced by a new team of up-and-coming young staff members of the up-and-coming animation production studio “Studio Coloride”. The director is Tatsuro Kawano, an animator with the industry's attention, who is a drawing director of "PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass 2" and an action drawing director of "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress".

 Tano Asami is selected as the main character, Ninny Sequin. In addition, Yuina Yamada plays the role of another character, Shimbashi. Details about the two characters are below.

■ Ninnie Sequin
 Wing Bind 2 etc. Belongs to the protection officer whistle squad (Pipers). He is called "Nini-chan" because he is a junior, but he is angry at being added "chan". A cheerful personality with a blond ribbon style that makes it easy to understand emotions and sorrows. He aims to transfer to a tactical squad (Sabers) to exterminate the dragon, and his attachment to achievements and rewards is stronger than it can be. He is also the leader of the popular idol group Cecil Dies Twice.

 Belongs to Protective Officer Flute (Pipers), No. 1 Wing Bind Shinebashi. It is called "Niha" by Nini who is a senior. Cool personality with long black hair and no emotions. We take things reasonably and always make cool judgments. I love the current job of protecting and managing the dragon, and I'm not too concerned about the annoyance. In Front London, he is a sophomore at South Braxton High School. Liked by senior Valgo Parks, but not interested at all.

 If there is a front (front) in the story world, there is a back (reverse).
For a long time, 72% of all deaths in London have been related to “invisible” dragons, which are invisible to people.
However, there were people who were unaware of the dragon.
Only the inhabitants of Reverse London can be seen on the "backside" of Front London. Among them, selected people become witches / wizards and are qualified to make direct contact with dragons.
The main character is a witch combination of Nori Shimbashi and Ninny Sequin, who is a protector of the natural dragon protection management period "Wing Bound" (commonly called WB). Their mission was to protect and manage the dragons living in London on behalf of those who could not contact them.

Fall 2020 Theater Animation

Director: Tatsuro Kawano
Deputy Director: Yuji Shimizu
Screenplay: Chinatsu Suzumura
Character Design: Natsuki Yamada
Dragon Design: Keisuke Okura
Background Art: Studio Coloride Art Department
Art Director: Kunihiko Inaba
Color Design: Miho Tanaka
CGI Director: Tsukasa Saito
Director of Photography: Kasumi Togo
Music: Keiji Inuchi
Sound Director: Keiichiro Miyoshi

Sequin: Tano Asami
Shimbashi Eru: Yuda Yamada




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