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New anime "Takuboku Bird Detective Place"


In the first episode of the new anime "Takuboku Bird Detective Place" starting on April 13, Junichi Suwabe appeared as a guest character, Ogai Mori.


This work is based on a novel of the same name that won the 3rd Sogen Original Short Story Award. Time is the end of the Meiji era. The story of Takuboku Bird Detective Place, started by a genius poet Takuboku Ishikawa who is suffering from a shortage of money. In addition, Shintaro Asanuma plays Takuboku Ishikawa and Takahiro Sakurai plays Ichikyo Kaneda, a partner of Takuboku.

This time, the outline of the first episode and the preceding cut are also released. In the first head, "Kokoro Job", the story develops because Takuboku and Kazuhiro Kaneda are the first discoverers of the murder. The victim is Tatsuyoshi, a servant of Arakawa Copper Mine. The two suspects escape the scene with Takuboku's reasoning. Kyosuke is impressed by the wonderful reasoning. Later, Tatsuyoshi's complaint and a weapon were discovered, and Oguri, the chief guard of Arakawa Copper Mine, was arrested as the culprit. However, Takuboku felt something stuck and began to reason again.

Suwabe is in charge of the role of Morisaki in the first episode. Ogai Mori, a military doctor and a great writer and poet. Takuboku is a fellow singer who sometimes gets involved in solving the cases that Takuboku deals with.

In addition, on the special program distributed on March 21 (Sat), the beginning of the main part will be released for the first time.

■ Live distribution special program TV animation “Takuboku Bird Detective Place” broadcasting commemorative, all members SP details
Date: March 21 (Sat) 18:00
Delivery site: Fami Play Neo, Fami Play Neo
https: //www.fami geki.com / famigekineo /
Performers: (Honorific title omitted)
Shintaro Asanuma (Takuboku Ishikawa), Takahiro Sakurai ( Ichikyo Kaneda), Kenjiro Tsuda ( Kodo Nomura), Kensho Ono (Taro Hirai), Souma Saito (Yoshi Yoshii) ), Yuichiro Umehara (playing Sakutaro Hagiwara), Shin Furukawa (playing as Makishi Wakayama), Koya Hayashi (playing as Ryunosuke Akutagawa)

■ TV anime “
Takuboku Bird Detective Place ” official website: kimikoe.com/kitsutsuki/official
Twitter: @kitsutsuki_DO

ON AIR: Broadcasting and distribution started in April 2020!
TOKYO MX ... From April 13 every Monday from 23:00
BS Fuji ... From April 13 every Monday from 24:00
CS Family Theater ... From April 13 every Monday from 24:00 (* Visual commentary "Talking detective" ”” Every Monday from April 13 at 24:30)
Distribution starts on other distribution sites.
* Broadcast dates and times are subject to change without notice.

Original work : Kei Ii (published by Sougen Senri Bunko)
General director
: Shinpei Ezaki Director: = Yuei Makino
Series composition = Takashi Kishimoto
Character draft = Iku Saki
Character design = Shuichi Hara
Animation production = Leiden film
production = Tohoku Shinsha / Leiden Film
Planning = Kimikoe Project
Production = "Takuboku Bird Detective Place" Production Committee

Takuboku Ishikawa = Shintaro Asanuma Ichisuke
Kaneda = Takahiro Sakurai
Nomura Kodo = Kenjiro Tsuda
Taro Hirai = Kentaro Ono
= Sakutaro Hagiwara = Yuichiro Umehara
Wakayama Makizu = Rinnosuke Furukawa
= Ryunosuke Hayashigawa
= Isamu Hayashi = Isamu Saito




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